Vetting People

Art on vetting.

Are you vetting them in or out? What are the consequences?

Evil acts are not tolerated and goes without saying. However, when it comes down to intentionally or unintentionally hurting others, vetting people out, how do we know?

What part of your conversation with a second party is open for discussion with a third party? How do you know what the third party will do with the information shared? How will the person with whom the third party shared respond? How do you know what to say or talk about?

Some say, we are no longer vetting the people we invite into our homes and our lives and then we feel betrayed when they turn out to be less than what we thought they were. This method implies we should vet people out. Others are saying, we should not vet people out, intentionally or unintentionally causing them hurt, harm and danger.People can and will hurt you intentionally and unintentionally.The thing I love the most about community is it welcomes everyone. The thing I think is most missing in communities today is an invitation. Before you are able to engage in any community activities, you should be invited. That will keep down a lot of bullshit.

However, in communities of the past, invitations were based upon race, gender, money, position, power or any combination thereof. You know that shit ain’t right! So why gate the community? What will be the next step?

A lock is no more secure than the person with the key. I am suggesting a change and this time, do it the way you know it needs to be done. Do it with a purpose that all people will understand and respect.

Educate. Community member should approve or disapprove of anyone coming into a community, in order to maintain the integrity of the community. Plus, it helps keep up with fol - safety and security. Just as we are supposed to do for our country.

If a stranger shows on your doorstep, let safety and security be your guide.

I see a community as an extension of the family and home. It should be inviting, open, nonjudgmental - safe and secure. Does anyone understand the terms warm and friendly, which is hard to do anymore today?

Now, what information should you divulged? You should in no way, shape, form or fashion attach a name to any information gleamed from another conversation, without prior approval. In this way, you can divulge whatever kind of information you want without vetting out anyone.

The community, it is important and we have no choice but to unite against those who have something against all of us in some shape or form. The only way to do that is lead by example. We have so many that do not know whether they are leading or following and they need to get the hell out of the way. Life is constantly moving, how can you move without actually moving? Think from an energy perspective? People are constantly growing and changing. You are in the front or back and then when things turn about, you had better be ready. So the notion of being in the middle without responsibility does not exist. You should progressively take on a greater responsibility, in order to make progress most effective and efficient. That means less responsibility if everyone took responsibility. We do not want any lazy or confused people. You must have dedicated people.

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