What do you see?

I see the end but how do I get there? I am so afraid of falling? Some see nothing and if they did, they would not tell you. No matter the severity of the problem, they wouldn't jump in to help save you. They just can't see it? Think about that for a moment, by what kind of people are you surrounded? Would you jump in to help save a life? Vision!

Bull fighting comes to mind--Thank God for BULL FIGHTERS--DEATH WITH DIGNITY—“The bull and the BullFIGHTER”. It takes lots of courage to live a good life. We are constantly fighting the bull.

Are you visioning one thing when it's actually another? Buyer beware! By what kinds of things are you surrounded? Can you learn from them? There are killers all about. My vision was impaired and little did I know how severe it was. My eyes only saw material things and my mind only saw past experiences. I used people and blamed them for my own shortcomings, much like our economy today. I worked and I worked, but it did not prosper. Young, I thought I had so much power and pull. I was so smart, but was blind and just could not see.

Will I screw it up this time? What am I thinking?

The clarity of my vision depends on the extent of my faith. With this faith, I have learned to be in love Now, I have the freedom to see well beyond the images of the world around me. It takes courage to be different. That is a spiritual thing! My spirit is the life in everything I do. The question is what am I doing? In this spirit I receive every opportunity, vision, person and situation that comes my way. I do not fear, I am so thankful.

Vision is the Freedom to be in love? Vision it, trace the steps backwards and get started. Now, when I look in the mirror I see love. We feed off each other. We know! Stay on track and prosper. Onwards and Upwards! The farm. Anything else will be run over like a freight train.

Vision and Visionary?

(((your inner voice)))

I like this stuff on which Yanik Silver and others are working. Work with people who can see prosperity. Positive Visioning?

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