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The NEW importance of voting? For a long time voting, for Minorities and Women, meant voting for a candidate that still did not have your best interest at heart. I do not know how our leaders saw prosperity in this "double standard" attitude but Mr. Bennie and I are here to introduce "a new day and time".

Art on the importance of voting now!

Here is the main problem in Macon, GA. Macon still is and historically has been "very racially divided and motivated". Macon has also drawn and very reluctant to remove the gender divides, between Men and WOMEN VOTERS. Not all politicians are willing to admit nor properly address these two major issues. Anybody that doesn't know this, needs to have their head examined.

This is a bad thing, but does not mean Macon does not want or is not ready for change. The people of Macon realize this and want to change but "we" know we need the right kind of leadership to help quickly and smoothly bring about this change, therefore "A New Importance for Voting".

In addition to Art Thomas, here is where the words of Mr. Bennie Willis, whom is very passionate about, contributed to and inspired this article, comes into play.

Bennie Willis III --- Bennie is a Macon Native and a Volunteer for the C Jack Ellis Campaign. A New Importance for Voting, “A New Beginning for a New Macon”

Why should you vote?

Many people, especially minorities and women, feel it is not important to vote. There are many reasons for this, the most popular being: MY VOTE DOES NOT COUNT! They feel historically their vote has never counted, was wasted on the best candidates, but the best candidates were not concerned about the prosperity of all people, especially that of minorities and women.

Bennie says this needs to change. He says, This is a different day and time. That in order to bring about change we must do something different. We must fight to make things right. That it all starts at home and since C Jack Ellis is running on a campaign promise of “A New Beginning for a New Macon”, now is his opportunity to help make a positive difference. How will “We do better” without being “One City, One Future?

C Jack Ellis is the first Macon Mayor to come close to fulfilling this dream.

    Why should you vote?

  1. Vote for the person of your choice, based on the best record and the best man. Let the facts guide you.

  2. Vote to create more meaningful jobs, better education and minimize crime. Minimize stress, minimize crime, it is just that simple.

  3. Vote because it is the only peaceful alternative. Better vote than commit crimes or be abused, ignored and left out.

  4. Vote because it is your Duty, honor, responsibility and your Country. Many people have sacrificed and died for you to have this right.

Why you should not vote for the other Macon Mayoral candidates, even the other minority guy? Bennie Willis personally states, Though these candidates are good people and mean well, they just do not have the experience necessary to bring about these much needed positive changes for "all citizens" of Macon, in a timely manner and who are not racial or gender motivated.

C Jack Ellis is a former (two term) Macon Mayor, who made history by successfully serving (8 years) under the worse of conditions and being able, not only to survive, but make many positive contributions in a very racial motivated city.

The facts speaks for themselves and to "ALL people", who are not racially motivated.

Why am I voting for CJack Ellis? What made you side with C Jack Ellis? I wanted to do something different in my life. I am personally changing my life and wanting to contribute something good to my community and society; and Jack is the best choice to start that journey.

What about Young Black Men and other minorities? I do not know about other minorities, but in particular African-Americans, Black Americans need to take advantage of this voting opportunity "to better our future as a people". When I heard Jack talk about “A New Beginning for a New Macon”, that did it for me! I was inspired to “Get Involved”, volunteer and help C Jack Ellis help me. It can start right here in Macon, Ga and spread to the far corners of our country and globe.

Help C Jack Ellis make history a second time by becoming the first Macon Mayor elected (three times). Help him make Macon a New Beginning for you, our community and the world? Now, is your chance.---Bennie Willis III

Know the facts: For more information and Jack facts go to Ellis for Mayor, then Jack Facts .

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