What’s your Problem


Why can't you behave in life? Are we going to do anything good and wholesome?

Are our minds too tainted to know the difference? Are we too evil too even know what is good and wholesome? Where are you going? Where did you come from? You are welcome?

Are our schools speaking up, businesses, churches, government, why are we taking the long way around? Why would you go there to get what's not happening?

Most of us are too sorry to even say what wrong with us? Many of us believe it does no good. But everywhere you go, the first thing they say is admit your problems. Talk about them. Saying somthing, leads to doing something. Is that our fear? Why say one thing meaning another?

If we are so good at economics, what’s the problem? Are these inherent problems or are most of our problems created by us? What sense does that make? Everyone who sees us is saying to one another, "Such a stupid thing has never been seen or done".

Would we be so overwhelmed with problems, if with every problem, we brought a solution?

If it has never been before seen or done, Just imagine! we must do something! so speak up!

Only One Thing Needed

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Who's grooming who America?

Coping with problems

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