Why Black People Do NOT want to talk about Slavery?

Is slavery the Great Divide? You have yours and I mine? Is that why your communities get all the attention? Is that why you get all the money to develop America,,,watch that word? Is it because you own and control all the land and resources? Or is that I just do not know how?

What does our Government think? What is our Governments plan for dealing with slavery? So what will be done? Do you think I enjoy writing about slavery? But I know it is needed if we are going to recognize our own faults. I do not want to do what some political leader might do, I am going to do what is right. Why does the oppressed like working for their oppressors? Why does Main Street like working for Wall Street? Do they have a choice - logistics?

Domestic violence and abuse, do you want to talk about it? How many people have we watched being punished by the American Government for speaking out and up for Blacks and against slavery? Are you a Nigger lover?

Are Blacks terrorized and know the discussion of slavery pisses-off our government? Don’t piss off the Master, he will make an example out of you. Why else would we desire to make our OPRESSOR uncomfortable?

They let me through the eye of the needle so the rest of them can make it too if they do the same “ass kissing shit” I did. What rationally thinking people would be willing to work, get a job, be employed by their Masters, their Oppressor?

Blacks are ashamed and for good reason, of being oppressed, quick to anger, so we have learned to cover it well, so we think.

Our Government has turned us against ourselves.Our government has deemed the subject of slavery too taboo and have made it look like it is for our own good. That shows just how ignorant we are and how much we are still their slaves.

The guilty feelings Blacks have been made to feel are being passed on to other blacks. You ain’t got no education. We constantly talk down Black men and Children, blaming them for their own oppression, when it is our Government. We will fight a black man to death about not being able to make a living for his family, but we refuse to properly and intelligently address “why not” and the implications of slavery within our American Government.

What happened to the healing process? Why is progress so hushed, slow and deliberate? Why? People

Why does this subject annoy anyone when the act itself is so accepted, embraced and wide spread? Well, if you think about all the suffering endured to get to this point that annoyance is nothing in comparison.

Where are the solutions?

Here is the deal: Whether we talk about slavery or not, you are going to have to answer to somebody and they are going to be bigger than you. What will be will be, but do not complain when it is.

White People Do NOT want to talk Slavery?

A Man and the so called African American woman?

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