Who is God

Is God a MEANS or an END?

He is my God, my confusion, chaos and understanding.

He is my gravity, my food, clothing and shelter, without, I can not be.

When I do not understand, he guides me.

My wind, my rain.

He is my freedom, my reason and purpose.

He is my birth and my demise.

He is my peace, joy and pain.

Do eveything to be loyal to your God, but my God is the God of All Gods. He is everywhere! I have proof and it is everyday I wake, I wakeup to Him. Without him, I can do nothing. He is the same God that reigns over the Jews, Muslims, Christians...and you can see and feel Him. Just try to defy my God?

My God is Love and he resides in my heart and soul and I do not need a book, a preacher or Scientist to tell me so. Defiling a man?

Now that you know, what are we going to do?

Let us live it and spread it all over the land, with our work, joy and enthusiasm.

I love it, I love you and all things upon this earth.

Share your ideas to help bring about global peace and prosperity. Let the world know, your God has empowered you.

Know when to hold'em, know when to fold'em, know when to walk away, know when to run.

Defiling man, take a look?

(((your inner voice.com)))

Who is your God

Who God Is

Eats, shoots and leaves. Where does God reside, in what form?

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