The Whore in YOU

There's a little whore inside me and I am doing my best to address it...HEre Goes...

We can openly talk about the exorcist and other subjects, not contributing one good thing to life...

What does the whore in you tell you? Exorcist rPresenting the whore in everybody, remembering we’re in “a serious state of denial”. Do you want to allow the following to make changes in your life, or is everything alright? If someone gave you the opportunity to confess, would you wholeheartedly? Do whores deserve human rights? Are they to be treat differently? Is our penal system helping or hurting? Are there any in heaven or for that matter, the church, government, politics, education...?

Why would anyone deny themselves one of the greatest pleasures in life, especially presented by the oldest profession? Does that mean anything? You mean whores have worked longer than men? Is it gender specific?

Why is whoring taboo, illegal, despicable, looked down upon profession, yet one of the most lucrative businesses, in the whole wide world, even western world, number one world powers where it thrives best.

Do we make it taboo to help the whores and whoring or to discourage them? Is there any man or woman, who haven’t considered that thought? Why didn’t you act upon it? What man wouldn’t want to be able to make a living at, well, at least twice in his life time?

Is this all real or made-up? Why do we hide from this? Everybody wants an open display of affection, but nobody wants everyone to know they’re doing it? What’s wrong with pornographic, why is it a new discovered disease? Our professionals, clergy, priest, coaches, leaders…Why do we act so shocked/surprised when we already know what really going on? Divorce, death, Incest, child abuse, domestic violence, scandals…are they better? Is modern-day slavery any better? What about your love of politics, movies, tv...? Why can every other people start a business and make milk and honey, except you?

Is it better to never know how your significant other really feels or to spend your whole life wishing and waiting? Depression hurts.

Why is the process, the act of how we multiply, have intercourse, bond one to another…, so secretive in our society? How does one ever learn,w ho teaches? Talking sex now, when a people start to dictate your sexual life, you already know. Why can’t you decide for yourself what’s good, wholesome? IF there are any gimmies/freebies to be had, why wouldn’t one of them be a marriage license, if we wanted to promote marriages? Can’t we afford to give newlyweds at least a valid marriage license? Is it that we do not trust each other?

The whore in every person. Are sexually transmitted diseases on the rise? Are there more down-low, same sex… people than ever? Are there better marriages and relationships? What’s going on with LOVE and RESPECT for self?

To all in that serious state of denial, this is valid license to come out of the closet. Join the regular population and this is for the whore in you.

Why do those who do not know make decision for those who know, how can they and why do you listen? Would that help change anything for the good, would we be telling the truth? So, why isn't this all made safe, instead of taboo? The Holy ones of us, are you going to heaven and the rest of us to hell? Can we afford that?

Representative for the whore in everyone. A Sincere Heart Awakens The One And Only True God Inside of You

(((your inner

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