The illusion of inclusion

I am open to love in different forms and I embrace ALL. Who taught us to veer away from nature?

To whom or what must we stay connected? Is it the Bible? Are you thinking, why not? Are you being dictated/told everything to do?

Confession strips away the veil we often cast over our actions, realigning our souls with what is best and truest in our natures.

Too many of us waste valuable time measuring our behavior against sets of rules or mandates (like the Ten Commandments), which we never keep? Now, it wouldn't be all that bad if we kept them, but the more education we get, the further away we get. Plus, the understand never was, because they were introduced by a people who never intended upon sharing.

Now, as much as I would like to embrace them, we've strayed too far away from Mother Nature, all under the illusion of being included.

My job under the Human Rights umbrella, is to get us back on track? How do I do that? We finally got a President, with whom we all can identify and now look? Remmember the town hall meeting

We must find a better way, a way that is tried and true. Let go of the old and embrace the new - change.

Understand the Powers to Be will never include you, until you change and start demonstrating you know what's going on. Why should they? Why should any man stop beating your ass, as long as you appreciate them for beating it?

The illusion of inclusion for a great Mentality or Attitudinal change? We're blinded by a debilitating condition described as the illusion of inclusion. This illusion is taking us out of harmonic balance with nature and we are off balanced.

Due to the illusion of being included, we’ve given up everything defining us as human beings, only to become instruments of our own self-created technological blunders.

Our roots are floating in the great depths of nothingness and at the same time we're sustaining our enemies, at the cost of drowning self, family and friends in bullshit. Is this natural or what?

Who are you natural? You must sow seeds to get a harvest, iF you want to manifest whatever it is God's giving you - confess and take responsibility for what needs to be done. Now, that is pure natural. Be willing to stand-up and do what needs to be done and just as tiny sparks are used to start a great fire, together, we all will create the brightest light.

What you eat directly correlates to how you think? If you eat all that bullshit, then what can you expect in return? It only profits the person manufacturing it. The question is, What good does it do us?

We all would love to teach and learn, but what are you teaching and learning about self, which is most important of all knowledge.

What do you produce, other than clutter? As human beings, we want to produce the most effective and efficient means of living, nothing more or less. In order to do that, we must pay closer attention and react accordingly to what’s going on around us, not the bullshit, but what's actually going on in our personal lives. then, we must be honest about it all.

De-cluttering our surroundings enables us to better hear, see...the six senses – being mindful, so we do not relive this dumbing-down cycle over and over again. How else do we properly address human rights?

Balancing of the mind, with all we know today, walking the natural path causes peace and harmony to reside with us. The closer to nature, the better off.

You learn how to deal with the challenges presented by Mother Nature, that's the key to living your best life right there! Do we need all the false careers? The truth is the only thing that will set us free. There is only one way to get it and there’s no escaping it: Self-sustaining living-- Eat right, think right, live right… Everyone has to pitch in and it's alright to be different.

It's all about oneness; and how do you get there?

(((your inner

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