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Yes, like Alice and Wonderland? Red or Blue Pill?

Where is that, is it real or made up? Why do we like to live like that?

Is it someone has painted a picture in which the majority of us are afraid to live without?

Is it normal we all live and die within? Does it even make sense, while you work away, somebody somewhere is stocking shelves in a grocery store for you to eat? Are you doing their work? Is it normal that you cannot build nor maintain shit you need?

Is it normal that you have a vacation, vacation from what? Someone else to do the work to feed you, while you do the work to feed who? Is that what happened to inflation, our jobs, our resources? Now, that you have no earthy idea how to feed yourself, things are looking kind of pathetic aren't they?

So what’s the other option? What is the reality of it all? How screwed up do things have to be for us to stop lying to ourselves about how great "we" are and figure out how to turn them around.

Have you ever seen a man who gets maximum pleasure out of keeping another man down? What good does it do to AWAKE US?

Red pill or Blue pill, you may as well have taken both. Wonderland AND your ass, not "or", but "and"?

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Now, how do I Get paid?

I am thinking, how high do they go? Starving Celebrities

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