The best way to Address that Spirit within you?your inner voice

What is the largest room in the world? Is it the room for improvement?

We have so many rooms in our house these days but how functional are they? What about your office or office space? How, where do you manage the business aspect of being a responsible family member?

Always be prepared and the best way to do that is to learn and practice listening to your inner most thoughts and putting them into action.

Remember, when the more responsible people had libraries? How do you brainstorm ideas in your home, where? Is it with a whip?

How do you best address the spirit in you? Is that in church? Don't make it behind a locked door. Keep yourself accessible and alert to what's going on around you, but; respect my privacy.

Addressing the Spirit within you..

What is the absolute best way to express your deepest thoughts? Why do you read and why do you write? From where comes you best ideas and how do you track them?

A reading or writing room is no more than that special place, that best inspires you. Create that special place, that special closet, reinvigorates you, even when you're tired or pushed for time. Your life deserves that special place and zone, you can't wait to enter and share/express your purest thoughts. Is a writing room gender specific?

Personalize it to cause all your creative juices to flow. Make it comfortable to meet all your writing needs. Let it grow with you, so much so, you can’t resist the urge to enter and write. It’s so clean, inviting, inspiring, safe and secure! All of which will manifest itself in your work.

It’s your new toy you want to share with other like-minded individuals- Giving Back. You doing that will teach others to respect and do the same.

It doesn’t have to be four walls, nor does it need to be stationary, but whatever makes you the most productive. Talking about being a productive citizen… you will reach the inner voice deep down inside you. When you benefit from creating your own personal writing room, so will others.

(((how is your inner voice)))

The Genius in YOU.

You have to let go!

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