Are my priorities really in order? Can I tell anybody? Too many bad memories!

They say, yesterday is dead and gone, but I remember it like it was yesterday. How long will it take me to forgive and forget my evil past? What good will it do if I never change? Will others be able to forgive and forget? What good will that do?

It has been more than 30 years now and no one has given an inch. My moms hate me, my children hate me and my siblings hate me. Why do they always talk about fogiving when they cannot do it? How can you forgive when you don't act it? Why do they spend so much time at church? I guess there are somethings people cannot forgive nor forget? I guess there are sometings love just cannot conquer?

What would make a mom never speak to her child again? What about the children, your siblings or your wife? Are my sins any greater than theirs? Are they friend or foe?

How do you regain your balance? You know, I just ask myself those questions sometimes. Maybe it is like the race card. Yesterday can make you quite bitter and cold hearted if you are not careful.

Another year has come and gone and still no results. So what did I do yesterday that is worth mentioning today? I am leaving them alone to keep us happy.

Maybe they don't hate me, but I guess they just love me from a distance. Why should I look for love and affection from them any more than they should look for it from me?

That is what too many bad memories can do for you? So how can we all ever get along? Thank God I am not one of them!

Tomorrow maybe there will be a change in heart.

(((your inner

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