My passion for people

What great lesson, important news can I share to further the advancement of my people?

Now, that is exciting and my reason for AWAKENING? bUT i am getting tired. Passion for People, your pay check, job, life, which is the most important?

to and fro, are you smarter than a 5th grader? Are you on a "fixed income"? What is a fixed income, how does it differ from any other kind of income? Do you really believe there's someone out there on something other than a fixed income. People are literally terrified to do something not yielding a fixed income.

For breakfast today, the wife fixed – Fried Wild Boar Patties, grits, toast and coffee. Do you enjoy cold grits with black pepper and vinegar? Well, that’s what She eats.

Afterwards, we talked about how to “get somewhere”? Have you ever had a wife who doesn’t know anything outside of the kitchen? She said she had to figure out somethings before she could let me know. Now, she's 70+ years young?

She’s also a firm believer that everything you get has to be paid for. Consumerism, now do you understand why we ain’t got a damn thing?

How great is it? How great is your passion for people directly equates to your passion for self and life. You know everybody is working and receiving accolades for their work, but shit just keeps getting worse. My community recently recognized 5 or 10 people for all the great work being done in and around our community but when you look around “there is no way in hell”.

From the Mayor down, everybody is patting themselves on the back “getting their Swagger ON”, but when you look around, when you actually address your concerns, your truths, your utility bills… there’s no room for negotiation. Do you understand what I am saying?

After the pay check? On a daily basis, well intentioned people are getting ready, going to work and making great progress, but on the outside, all around us, everything is turning to shit. Literally, we’re actually destroying one another. So, what good is your paycheck? What good is your going to and fro? A passion for people

You criticize government assisted people, the uneducated, poor….yet you are the biggest fool of all. As you’re reading this, you are sitting there trying to justify your very inappropriate, sophisticated, intelligent, negligent actions and you are going to do that with your Pay check. Sold-OUT to the ruling class, are you helping or hurting?

If you’re doing such a great job, you with your future so bright, why hasn’t our communities changed? If our schools, churches, businesses are so good, why are we standing by while communities go down? Oversleeping

Talking about "trying to make a dime" when do you sleep? Oversleeping, you can't get a chance to sleep for having to go to your next job.

The thing is on what scale are you helping? Some people can't drive a "standard shift", can you shift gears? A matter of life and death, can you kick it to the next level? Remembering, that wild-boar didn't just magically appear on my table.

Is it anywhere near enough, Is there more we can do for ourselves? Whose responsibility is it? There is a term for that: Is it phony, fake ass, mis-guided, you know its where the educated talk about and blame the uneducated. So what is that going to do for our society? Oh - Class warfare.

I have a great passion for people and this shit is so easy to see. so tired you just make one mistake after another. Is that what I'm doing?

Passion for People, your pay check, job, life, which is suffering the most? People are our greatest asset. Look at your communities, you can tell.

It is better to be invited up than to be asked down! Ass up or down?

(((your inner


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