Can A Black Man Save A Black Man


What is the absolute most important thing to you?

Can a Black Man save A Black Man in America? Would he even help? Does anybody want to save a Black Man? What does that mean for you? Can A Black Man save The World?

Boy, where is your power? If there is no love and respect for a people, can there be love and respect for individuals?When you start to ask and analyze these kind of questions, people get scared, fear and shame kicks in and we reject the notion. We cannot seem to agree to disagree?

There is the obvious answer and there is the not so obvious answer. Is either of these answers gender specific or limited by gender? It is not just my job and responsibility to empower Black People, but to empower “all people”. However, you must start at home.

Is it because Black Men don’t read and write as much as all the others? Is it because Black Folk have had their power taken away? Then, who is their shining example? Do you respect and love them? How is that possible?

How can you have your power taken away? Fear, is there any better word to describe a recipe for catastrophe/disaster? Who, what kind of person or people would take pleasure in seeing and keeping a man, a whole people down? You have allowed your power to be taken away when you lost love and respect for each other and that happened when you lost it for yourself.

When and how did that happen? We gave up Simplicity for what we thought was a better way of life. Simply we wanted a better life. Somewhere along the way, we were misguided, that’s how we became Americans. Did you know Americans are the essence of a MisGuided People? Historically speaking, Americans just ain’t going to do right and it is time for a change. Americans are in a serious state of denial. And even worse, those of us who know better; embrace it.

Historically, Americans have known and still know they are going the wrong direction and out of those seven deadly sins, we just keep on going – headed for catastrophe/disaster. The biggest of which is money. And yes, it is hard to give it up, but what could be simpler, but simplicity means giving up clutter? And it is even harder to give up when you have been conditioned money is what you need, but cheated out of your opportunity to get what you think you deserve. For from the least of them even to the greatest of them, Everyone is greedy. He who oppresses the poor shows contempt, but whoever is kind to the needy honors the Spirit.

How can Black People regain their power? You must be empowered. Then you must empower others. Who am I? How can you know if you do not practice? You must love and respect each other, without regard to difference. Is that possible? Now, that is how and when you lost your power. Without power, nothing moves, not possible.

So what has happened to the unused power of the Black Man? He has separated himself from himself, which has allowed all others to overpower him, as a people and as individuals. Just like our depressed economy, his economy has long since declined. Is it because of your education level, money, religion, and power, that others embrace you? Therefore, his power has gone to helping his enemy or has it made him A Better Slave?

There is nothing wrong with helping your enemy, that’s a good thing, but there is something mighty wrong with “Failing to help yourself”? You must first have a strong will and desire to help others, before you can have that for yourself. Helping folk

The Black Man must reject the notion, that it is fruitless, a waste of time, negative to embrace, love and respect self. To be a man, we must establish and abide by our own set of rules. Practice!

What makes a Black Man’s judgment any less credible than the judgment of any other man or people? Is it the fact we cannot and do not action ours? What’s wrong with loving your fellow man?

Why don’t we cleanup our own communities? Is that any sign that our hearts and homes aren’t clean? Are we too busy following the rules, family values of someone much less qualified than our selves?

If there is no love and respect for individuals, there is no love and respect for people. Then, and only then will anyone else have love and respect for us as a people.

No matter the race, love and respect is a good thing, you will rise to the top, you will have all you deserve and need, you will be the shining example, by loving and respecting yourself and your people. Can you be that different, can you let go? Will you?

So what does all this mean to you? Can a Black Man save the world? What does it have to do with race? Come on NOw, aren’t we’re equal opportunity employer? Then why does that notion seem to be so farfetched?

What makes us so different is also what unites us. I am sharing this with you in order to save myself. It is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.

(((your inner

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