Being a Troubled Kid/Teen?

2018, in America what does being a troubled kid mean? What does this say for adults and authority figures? When your own children becomes your mortal enemy?

A 19 year old young man, is this a kid? I just don't get it! I value mistakes for teaching me what I must know to succeed, but what about you? What kind of precedence are you setting?

Is it "the kid" or is it the rest of us? Where is our sense of responsibility? How is it an "us" and "them"? How can you suggest resolving violence with violence, especially against your own kind? If my brother killed my brother, would I kill my brother to get even, then who would kill me for being negligent in my duties? Where would the killing stop? If this kind of thinking was the case, then all White Americans would be dead, if nothing else, for the attempted genocide on the indigenous people of America. CAuse and effect!

People, who practice violence on a daily basis, appear to be shocked at the thought of Americans use of violence and abuse against Americans, yet this happens everyday, so what's so different, special, isolated about the Florida shooting? As a matter of fact my brother-in-law was murdered in a home invasion, in Florida. Of all the states, Florida is one state with the highest propensity for violent crime, always have been and still is.

Killing, across America, has become another day in the office and is our preferred method of dealing with violent crimes. Police officers, with less than credible character, are armed to the teeth to fight who? Just who are our so heavily armed police targeting? Then who are they protecting, if armed to target the people? There is some confusion, conflict about "job security". The cops live next door to the shooter's. State of American Schools

What do we have in America worth killing another American over? Well, if we are going to start taking the lives of our own fellow, innocent Americans, then who are we?

Kids are acting out what they perceive adults wanting them to do, no matter how mentally ill we may classify them. Why were not the parents declared mentally ill, for allowing their son to grow up with violence, abuse and guns, what about the community, the city, the state? Why is your child so rebellious against you, that he or she would want to physically harm you or fellow human beings? Is it any different from the Republicans and Democrats with the government shutdown? What about the incarceration rate, is it decreasing? Anger and aggression is it on the rise? 135 years for child molestation or was it because you pissed off the wrong White man?

Then, with all the racism, gender and sexual abuse, disturbing images, what do we expect to happen? Do we expect a brighter future based on our violent and abusive past and present behavior? What about all the lies we tell under the guise of advertisement and marketing? How many die each day due to our negligent behavior?

As Americans struggle to influence the behavior of other countries, the more this hypocritical behavior traps us. Every America wants the right to shoot every other American and to arm ourselves to keep this from happening.

If our schools are not safe, then where is? If the federal government has to get involved to oversee school safety, what does this say for state and local officials? Shouldn't this be the other way around? Do Americans prefer the consequences over preventive action?

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The best info is the info we share!

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The best info is the info we share!