boy and girl falls in love

When rocks are trapped? Do they cry out? Wants and needs? A different way of thinking and doing.

When a boy and girl falls in love Do you just fall in love with one person? How did we become so perfect? Where is the room for imperfection?

I’m hurting, lonely, scared, vulnerable that whatever happened to me before will happen to me again? I’m afraid I am going to be by myself again. Where are you, with whom, is it a woman? There are some subjects that I am very sensitive about and becomes too emotional to be open-minded to share. Love is the main one... You’re lying to me?

Do any of these describe the feelings of true love? No, they do not but they do describe the feelings in everyday life gone awry. While if any of us knew what tomorrow would bring we would act differently. We would know these kind of negative feelings are not worth entertaining. Are you creating your own problems or resolving them?

Then what are they? They are guilty feelings prompted by jealousy, while I feel the same way when you are not around. With whom are you, why that color dress, why so short…you can ask these kinds of questions all day long, they are endless and for the good of nothing.

What justification do you have to share such feelings with your partner? These kind of feelings and emotions arise when one or both partners start to feel betrayed, taking the advantage of.

What happens when one or the other starts feeling trapped? Where is the trick? How much time or energy is required before you dedicate your life to one person? Why are so many relationships failing? Why don’t our children follow our relationship advise? What is a “hen pecked” man?

I can't help myself in knowing that I once had love, was loved, and loved...whether it was agape unconditional or lust. You must learn and put into practice the difference. You cannot lump all this together and call it love.

The standards have changed and if I am out of the box, then I must accept the standards that exist or don't allow myself into any relationship(s) that are not strictly BUSINESS... You cannot have relationships without business, the two are inseperable. Our homes operate the same as business and our business operates the same as love, they should all be passion driven, just like our lives.

What should they can they do about your own insecurities? During your absence, are they not responsible, accountable? What did they do before you? How did you all come together in that? How did things change without you noticing?

Do they should they change their lifestyle? Should they require you to change? Well, if you allow guilty feelings to monopolize your life you will be constantly changing without rhyme or reason. You will not follow your own path in life, they’ll be following yours.

Who dictates to who what’s appropriate or inappropriate in a relationship? Is it your way or the high way? How much of your bullshit can I take? How did they become your problem. Why didn’t you make all this known before you found yourself bombarded by or entertaining all these negative emotions and notions? Where in the communications process did you let them slip by? That’s scary.

There are some subjects that I am very sensitive about and becomes too emotional to be open-minded to share. Love is the main one... That's a problem in itself. Are you talking about sex or love?

True love many say is joy and pain, but I strongly disagree. As we grow, things change, so why force anything? True love in healthy relationships is mutual respect, faith and works. Though you will have trials and tribulations you will join together as one weapon formed against them. A step by step process as long as you keep shit straight.

It is or it ain’t? Do not allow guilty feelings to lead your relationship. There is comfort in oneness and a daily walk with your God and partner. Whatever you do, do not allow it to be manifested in a negative light.

Stressed, you are hearing but not listening. Life is very competitive, who would not want the perfect relationship, the question or quest is how do you get it? Does it come without hardwork/smart work and dedication? Are you looking for easy? Have you really join together against all the evils of the universe or just in your mind?

Above all things get and maintain a healthy understanding with self. Being laid off sucks but I am a fighter, Don't fall in love, grow in love.

(((your inner

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