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You tell me, the more I smoke the worse my health, okay. Now, I want to tell you that Celebrating Christmas is worse.

Where is the peace? May die 2day? From sleigh rides to drones, part of an increasingly aggressive intelligence collection program! Will you use this access to "technology" to benefit your own programs???

No, I can't tell your stupid ass what you can and cannot celebrate, but somebody else can. That is how you got started.

However, I am willing to do my very best to reason with your silly ass, to use logic, to think for yourself; that the more you celebrate Christmas the worse things get.

The best of intentions will send you straight to hell! Why is Christmas the most depressing time of the year? Are you in denial?

Yes, you can add any other holiday, but at this particular time, I want to use your most sacred holiday to show just how hypocritical you are and the more you get away with it, the worse you become.

Who is your teacher? Man know thy self. You tell me about smoking, I accept your reason and logic and now, I am going to tell you about how stupid and negligent you are in your celebrations of Christmas and see what you do.

What lie will you tell this time to prove santa claus? What happened to Jesus? Do you lie, cheat, steal? Is it getting bette or worse? Is that because you refuse to acknowledge truth?

Must you hear it from Duke, Havard, Howard, to know better?

Why do you celebrate Christmas? Don’t fool yourself. Is it really the spirit of giving or are you doing your best to keep up with the jones, who doesn't know where they are going?

Would you kill a person during the Christmas Season? Would you commit a crime during the Christmas Season? Does crime go up or down during the Christmas Season?

Would you just act like you love everybody during the Christmas Season and go back to oppressing each other all year long?

Go ahead and hate your neighbor; go ahead and cheat a friend. Do it in the name of heaven; you can justify it in the end. There won't be any trumpets blowin' ... Billy Jack, A Half-breed" American Cherokee Indian Green Beret Vietnam War veteran, hapkido master.

From where do you get your understanding? What is the connection between Jesus, Santa and Native Americans? Why do you overlook them with your Stupid Ass? I hate to keep saying stupid ass, but that is mild for how desperate we really are for better understanding. We really do not want to understand a damn thing that doesn't put money in our pockets.

Now, we're trying to lure the whole world into our democracy trap and nobody is going to say a word. What's that?

Even though our jobs, this Christmas, are all but gone, we gon act like this is the best Christmas ever because our stupid asses are living. Is that really living? You call living, living the life of a lie? Pretending to be in love when you don't even know the word. Pretending to be a holy roller when you don't even know the Ten Commandments. Then what good is knowing them when you don't practice? As a matter of fact, you are very disrespectful and disobedient, based on them. You are actually trying to get rid of them? You are more online with the seven deadly sins, than you are with the Ten Commandments.

2011. The more you celebrate, the worse things get, don’t that tell your bumb ass anything? Literally, the more Christmas's we celebrate, the more economic and social decline we create and today is proof.

Can you better trust anyone today, do to all your previous good hearted celebrations? ARe we closer to God or each other because of your celebration? Then, why do you keep celebrating, when things are getting worse and they are directly connected, related to your own stupidity.

Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity, are "all" things really relative to each other? Does that mean understanding the general characteristics of natural processes? Relativity, are we all connected? Then why aren't you telling what you know?

The more you celebrate, the more children go hungry, the more crime, hatred, violence and abuse, but you do not give a damn, while you are just dead set and determined to do to everyone else, what has been done to you. YOu will never change that way?

We elected a President for change, but how can he change us, when we refuse to change our selves? Now, we looking for a replacement for him to do what we refuse to do? We do not want to give up our evil habits we KNOW ARE NOT TRUE nor working.

The more we celebrate, the less love, peace and harmony. Have we brought the troops home from the last war? ARe our borders any more secure? Our homes? Oh, but you probably don't connect the two.

You would rather get angry at me for presenting this truth, than you would rather change your evil as ways. Yet you expect me to?

You expect me to keep going to schools that are teaching you shit, you cannot use on the outside, yet you pay big bucks to attend. I'm supposed to be the dumb one.

Can you really connect with a Havard Graduate? ARe we really intending on working together? If you can't work together, what the sam hell are you going to do with a job? Will we ever treat each as equals? Human rights? Respect? Love?

"Peace on Earth" Was all it said

You gon celebrate anyway, so Merry "fucking" Christmas! Then taking the Christ out, what does that make you?

If you have gotten thus far, you already know!

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Why the need to tell any American to celebrate responsibly?

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