Computer, the World's fastest

Just what does all this mean?

  • Ranked NO.1 On The TOP500 List!

  • 1.4 times the horsepower of the current top computer, located in a laboratory in Tennessee!

    As of most recently, the United States no longer owns the world's fastest super computer.

    The World's fastest super computer now belongs to China. Made in China, just like everything else.

    The race to build the fastest supercomputer has become a source of national pride as these machines are valued for their ability to solve problems critical to national interests in areas like defense, energy, finance and science.

    The Tianhe-1A is Ranked NO.1 On The TOP 500 Computer List!

    Is this any indication of what's to come?

    Not to take anything away from China, here is our saving grace. The fastest computer in the world is much faster than that, and it is sitting right there between your ears! The human brain is an amazing computing device which covers the factual basis for human behavior.

    Is China also number 1 at that? Are they able to use it to the same extent as Americans? What good is having the fastest computer when you have no brains to operate it?

    They took what we created and made it better. The question remains, when do we ever take what they created and make it better? Is that the same as import EXPORT? What would happen if we were able to pull it all together and work together? Where is our national computing center? Why not?

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    Good Things about Computers.


    Supercomputing Center in Tianjin

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