People constantly concerned about others

Art being so concerned about what others.

Is it being concerned about others or "for what others"?

Ain't nothing like doing a job with someone breathing down your neck? Some need that, then you may as well do the job and save yourself some frustration.

People who are constantly concerned about what others may think, say and do?

What do you want to do? Are you planning or expecting an attack? Then, why are you so concerned about "what others"? If it is good, isn’t that saying what you want to see?

Doing good things, you cannot go wrong, but when it comes to the opposite, prepare for guilty feelings and they will drive you insane. We act as if we are so concerned, but when it gets right down to it???

It will help if you look in the mirror on a regular basis to keep yourself in check. Do not confuse your ability to “care” with being concerned about what others think? Show caring in all you do and that is the side of concern on which you want to stay.

Think about why you might be judging other people? Be open and nonjudgmental. Look on the bright side and as they say: Do what you want to do. Let your light shine! Be yourself!

Life is miserable when you are so concerned about pleasing and/or offending other people. Know what you want and if that is what they want, isn't that a match? Live like that. You know…!

My conscious is clear.

(((your inner

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