What do you?

expect a people to do? Screwing! Business as usual

Literally, how will they survive without help from their neighbor, whether it is voluntary or involuntary? How will you survive?

You think about all the types of crime committed to make it through the summer, now it's winter and the holiday season, what should expect?

HAPPY HOLIDAYS, How happy are we to know the truth, knowing things as they actually are or you perceive them to be? What is the purpose of life? Why do we suffer so? How can global peace and unity be achieved?

Some say, don’t have expectations, but leading into 2012 things really don’t look good. I don’t know what economy professionals are looking at, but in my area professionals are saying there’s one job for every four people.

Right now, many unemployed workers can barely feed their families, let alone celebrate the holidays. And it's only going to get harder, because our government is about to let unemployment insurance expire for millions of long-term jobseekers who paid into the system. No jobs, what do you expect them to do?

Further, we are about to release thousands of inmates from jails. What are they going to do? Even further, there will be dangerous cuts to community healthcare. Damn!

3/4 of our people, what will they do in order to survive? Where is the planning and preparation?

By knowing we can avoid things that can harm our health and shorten our life. Is there anything in the world that compares to such knowledge?

Happy Screwing! Business as usual that is...




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