financial aid package

from Stimulus Department, Diana R., Grounds for economic disaster.

Jobs to screw other people? They are all based on your curosity and their ability to peak it.

They believe you gullible enough and they are clever enough to trick you out of your money or to add insult to injury, to screw up your life.

Our desire for "mulit-everything" has significantly enhanced the ability of our enemy to destroy us.


This is "Dirty Diana" from Stimulus Department.

I have been trying to reach you in order to deliver your financial aid package.
Important: Confirm your details. ***warning warning, red flag***

You are eligible for this financial aid package becauseyou are a U.S. citizen and have not received a stimulus check yet?

Visit this website for more information.

Best Regards,Diana R.Stimulus Department

Do you hear me now, jobs create just to take advantage of innocent people, all created by reading and writing! It is getting harder and harder to know the difference between fact and fiction. Too good to be true! Why?

Knowing this, why do you take these kind of jobs -- United States Postal Service, Telephone marketing, internet marketing, any unsolicited ad or campaigning???? Why does the United States Postal Service support and participate in such campaigns? Do they care that they are aiding and abiding criminals and criminal activities? Agencies like that are surviving at the expense of the citizens it is being paid to serve. The are also "double dipping", in that they are getting paid by taxpayers with taxes and then by private "ass holes" who send out these mass mailings.

How smart do you have to be to figure out, if I did not subscribe to the shit, why send the shit to me? How are you doing me a favor?

Further, with the advances in technology, how hard would it be to bounce the two against each other? This is official mail, This is "unsolicited junk mail"! The same with "unsolicited phone marketing, unsolicited email marketing... Grounds for economic disaster!

Depression hurts, Check out this depression article!

(((your inner

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