Fight Depression!

There is kung fu fighting and there is depression fighting, Live depression free forever afterwards!

We think we can do a whole lot of things but this one is getting the better of us. It is hard to talk and overcome. Pressured and do we even know it?

Along with natural disasters in life, we create even more stressful environments, mostly because we are stressing ourselves. Does anyone really know all the answers? So what exactly does it take to resolve this problem?

Fighting Depression? So, what do we do for the people who are not able to seek professional help? Just how do we get our own attention? I write.

To what are we looking forward to accomplishing today? Depression is a serious condition involving your body, mood and thoughts and that of those around you. So don’t crawl back into bed and pull the sheets over your head. Let us get up and get moving!

    How to Fight Off Depression:

  • Clean up! Most folk do not care about “cleaning up”. We think it not important and we do a half-ass job, yet we want everything nice and clean. Do you know what to throw away and what to keep? Personal hygiene, which covers diet, work, play and rest!

  • Define depression? Depression hurts and is a killer in every sense of the word. It is a consequence of being overwhelmed by stress and rejected by self, without good reason.

  • Discover the bigger picture in life. Learn the basics of life and know exactly what you need in order to maintain a healthy wholesome lifestyle and stay there.

  • Support. You need each other, so live that way. With all the independent living jargon going, this aspect of living is becoming more convuluted as the days go by.

  • Live within your means. With all the new, "red hot" got to have it sales and services, it is like a feeding frenzy. All things in moderation!

  • Properly prioritize and include family members. Failing to plan is "planning to fail"! Don't be swept away with "Information overload". So why do we overload ourselves with so many extra responsibilities in the first place? Because we're selfish, greedy and easily tempted. We allow others to coax us. To prioritize. “Look at the bigger picture" and decide what activities are important to your saftey, well-being and complete them. The heck with the rest.

  • The time factor? Time is a factor so move with a purpose and pace yourself. What good is it to work yourself to a frazzle and on the same hand what good is it to drag about? Remove all doubt and get busy. Live with a passion, a purpose and keep a little happy pep in your step.

  • Highlight the Positive. Boy, that is hard to do when everything around you is falling apart and the pressure of love ones standing around watching you being buried alive under stress and worry. After you ask for help and get no response, it is time to clear house. Positive thoughts are the best way to fight depression and are the best reasons for getting up in the morning. A breath of fresh air can make a world of difference. It gives you a chance to recollect and reconnect your thoughts and focus in on the good things in your life. You’re much more in control once you take a step back and look at what’s going on and what you might do to help yourself feel better.

  • Do not let life keep you down! No matter how bad it gets don't let life keep you down, be a support for someone else. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference between good pain and bad pain, good suffering and bad suffering? Going with the flow! Multi-tasking, deadlines to meet, we are all encouraged to do more with less, but all at the same time, the important stuff is not getting done (quality of life) and the meat wagon is on location just waiting for you to fall out. You know!

  • Take time out, clean up your act and reorganize. Phone a friend or seek professional help! There is nothing worse than drowning in your own sorrows. If you do not care for your own health and well-being then who will? You have to tell people when to back-off. Family support is more important, but too often, by the time we learn about stress, all has been destroyed. Like tooth decay, by the time you learn, the decaying process has already formed. The spiritual aspect of things, A Selah moment!

  • Meditate Turn off and tune out all distractions to you and meditate until the pain has subsided from the task at hand. There is no such thing as "you can't" and that is very dangerous. It is like helping to carry a heavy load and failing to make it known that you are about to "give out".

Fighting Depression is a constant in life, the threat is ever present. You must remain in the preventive mode. I would like to compare it to using our closets. If you keep throwing junk in and never take any out, then one day you will not be able to put your hands on what you need and you will need to make an extra effort to open and close the door, which is all self-defeating. People do not mind over-loading your ass and for some reason they do not want to help clean up! The key is knowing what to throw away and what to keep.

Life is no bed of roses like some often make it, but with the right ingredients, you and your family can live depression free forever afterwards. Life is quite unforgiving, in that, it is better to have a healed scar than an open wound.

I hope these bullets help you as much as they have me. They are not easy, but necessary. You cannot function your best in a stressful environment and we are good and clever at creating them and being in denial -- No time, The biggest, the best, number 1, most daring, doubt...Somehow, we get a rush out of that kind of stuff, even more than our adrenalin can fight off and in that is where the danger lies.

Is it all about having someone to help you prioritize? Quality of life is much more important than quantity. Share your thoughts!

(((your inner

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