Goals --- Write Them Down

"There Is Magic In Writing"

  1. Writing helps to organize and confirm thoughts.

  2. Writing helps you consider important answers and factors.

  3. Writing is the first step to making your thoughts a realization.
Here's a nifty little tool to help you get started.

Choose It!

As long as you score truthfully and don't guide Choose It! to the answer you "secretly" want, you significantly improve the chances of making the best possible decision.

Choose It

Remember: You actually make the decision.

Use them to help achieve your God-Given purpose in life.

There are a few requirements for goal-setting:

  • A goal must be realistic or attainable. Something that will benefit you and yours. If it does that, it should benefit all concerned. Now, isn't that "a good thing"?

  • A goal has to have a time frame, within to accomplish it. This allows a means to measure your progress. That does not mean you will or must accomplish your goal within that the alotted time. If others are involved they must agree to work together towards the accomplishment of said goals. Isn't that something to work and look forward to?

  • Documentation. Write what you want to achieve and post-it in as a daily reminder. Refridgerator or mirror makes an excellent choice. Start small and grow. Three is a good starting point. Isn't that a great way to stay on track and keep all parties informed?

  • Repeat the process as goals are achieved.

The 5 w's, who, what when, where and why is a good means to document objectives. Objectives are made of Task, Condition and Standard. Task (What) describes the action required. Condition (Who, When, Where, Why) about the task to be performed and includes outside influences. Standard to what level must you perform this task. The desire results. It is a good format to ensure you covered all your objectives. Objectives are the steps to be taken or tasks to be performed in order for you to accomplish your goals. Each goal is accompanied by a set of objectives.

Take your time and be as specific as possible in describing your goals and objectives to yourself. After all this is something you really want to do. If there are other parties involved, consult with all involved parties to ensure this is something you all would like to work together on. Keep them well informed.


Goal 1: Over the next 30 days, Constructively apply my skills and talents. Whatever I choose has to include an income opportunity, be self-paced and offer longevity.


  1. Learn what skills and talents I have to offer and how to best apply and employ them. Use the T-chart method to determine the need for what I have to offer, by listing advantages and disadvantges.

  2. Find a platform to employ them 24/7, at will.

  3. Use my skills and talents to continue my professional development and to help others.

Goal 2: Select and build a Stay-at-Home Business, based upon my skills and talents.


  1. Research and select a credible industry and/or company to work in and/or with, until I feel the desire and committment to go-for-it.

Goal 3: Build a website that works for me, as fast as possible. 1 day sounds super Smile but I'll give myself 30 days.


  1. Use SiteSell.com to build websites that work for me.

Visualize myself working See yourself succeeding”. Take a few moments each day and visualize the who, what when, where and why about what you would like to achieve, your T-chart. Find a quiet place and spend a few minutes alone doing that.

Take Action Self-Motivation Without this one, nothing will happen, well at least not for you.

The size or difficulty of your goals does not matter, atleast you've taken the first step. You will fail but do not let that stop you. It's like riding a bike, you must learn. That takes practice. Stay focused.

POI Pray over it. That's where your spirituality comes in. Ask your creator and anybody else for help in overcoming obstacles. Don't expect help so quickly but keep the faith, it will come.

Sacrifice This is most difficult for some. In today's time, we often expect great things, Now. I've learned, the higher my goals, the greater my sacrifice. So be prepared.

Do things to build confidence, credibilty, discipline and break it down into smaller increments so you can appreciate your efforts.

Be humble, motivate yourself and surround yourself with positive thinking people, throughout the entire process. Consult with them and consider their feedback.

Positive Environment If you ain't in one, then build your own. Think positive and Read inspirational and motivational materials related to what it is you are working on. Duplicate those efforts.

"Work" at it until you "Get It Done". "Where ever there is a will, there is a way and through God all things are possible." My mom.

Now, if for some far-fetched reason you still do not make it, it will not be because you "Did not give Your Very Best". Graciously, move on to the next.

Get It Done, Now and share with others!!!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: Maintain a healthy physical workout routine. Got to keep that body in the best physical condition.

It took me a little better than a year to be cleared and selected to work at The White House and I worked there for 5 years. I will not mention all the paperwork. Good luck!

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