Let him without sin cast the first stone, so I am not casting any stones.

Some say it is alright to be angry? That anger is a normal expression of emotion. When I think about this it sounds reasonable, but when I really think about this, every minute I spend angry, sad or upset is another minute I cannot get back. So whose time am I wasting? How much time to I spend angry, sad or upset?

I need to break this rule, in order to save myself. When I get angry and get my way, does that make me the victor?

Get yourself under control because life, as short as it is, is already too short. Is that anger management of what? Somebody said that if I really paid atttention to what is really going on, I would be mad and if I was not mad, I was not paying attention.

Steal, kill and destroy are the only things anger does, do I want this to be a normal emotion? How do I keep from being so irritated and angry?

What happens when people get angry and mad? You involve self and others. For your pain, anger makes you want to retaliate in pain. You want to let someone know it hurts, but in the heat of things you do not quite know how. Here is how? You want people to know it hurt but you do not want your pain to manifest into fury or hurtful words. There is nowhere to run, so think about the consequences -- making up. Is divorce a form of anger? Is war a form of anger? I think this is what people mean by anger being a normal emotion, but you can clearly see it is the expression of pain, but not anger. There is a big difference.

When a people get angry, they destroy themselves and everything around them, regardless of guilt or innocence. It is not a pretty site. Anger is also known as Wrath - belligerence and vendictive behavior. People, out of control, are caught up in the momentum of things.

What victor, like predator and prey, one group consumes the other -- cannabalism. All that was gained is now destroyed and lost. If you knew a people who was destroying themselves, what would you do about that? If you could help diffuse the world or ease tensions, would you? How difficult or easy would that be?

Let hurt and pain pass through...A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control. Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.

Now, I have learned, I am asking for forgivenes right now and spreading the word. Everything is easier when you get to the heart of the matter.

(((your inner voice)))

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