The Gossip Mill

Art thomas

"Do" versus "talking about" what others do or fail to do? Good gossip is hard to refute.

Does gossip really effect what we do and how we do it? Why do we allow gossip to upset us?

This is most certainly not the smartest approach to life, but as time passes I am beginning to realize this is a very necessary part of growing and becoming more.

The gossip mill got it wrong — and reveals you will not be joining in. I find myself engaging in good hot gossip at times. Don't know why, it just seems I ought to have something to say.

Can we really help gossip? People are supposed to fail, to encounter challenges and to learn the lessons these bring. These challenges, obstacles and road blocks are very often the catalyst to unlock hidden potential, uncover opportunity or make us think about the choices we've made.

Is there anything better than good gossip from the official gossip mill?

Where does it all start? Did you know? What about family gossip?

What about mass media? If you line up 10 people and the message gets twisted before it gets to the end, what does that indicate about any other media means? One person can hardly tell the story straight twice.

If we talked more about things we do, would that cut down on the amount of gossip we produce?

Spiritually grounded,

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