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Making mistakes and being altruistic. Boy, I hope I don't screw this one up!

Am I a victim of my own mistakes - altruism and being altruistic?

How can/do I trust a people that do not own up to their own mistakes? An intolerant people and they show no signs of remorse? Let him without sin cast the first stone.

It is that part of me that compares me unfavorably with others. I am constantly competing against my own stupidity. Nobody can beat me up like I can. For whatever reasons, in my own eyes, I am never satisfied. All I ever do is "want more". I am constantly pointing out all my flaws, reminding myself I am not good enough. Low self-esteem?

You know following people can get you in a lot of trouble. Most noticeable of which are your own insecurities and failing to accept who and what you are meant to be.

Today, I talked with a professional counselor about receiving some kind of assistance, for which I did not qualify. I felt I needed to earn more money to help pay bills. He told me something about altruism, me being altruistic and it does not pay. That I have too many things going on and may be I should focus on one. He mentioned starting a porn website and talked about how profitable his friends were in that business.

Thank God, I have already been there and done that or otherwise I might have been tempted, against the best me. I have nothing against people who are willing to make public for profit, their sexual desires. I think sex should be more open and less curious. No one enjoys the opposite sex better than I. As a matter of fact, a well run whore house is an asset to society.

Porn can be very addictive and selfish. Any how, I have got enough with smoking. My thing here is, being aware of what people may suggest Money.html">to earn money.

Nappy head, scarf, broke, busted and all, I have learned to accept myself for who I am and not for what others expect me to be or look like. Though I need a buck, I do not need to result to something against the kind of lifestyle I would like to lead.

I make mistakes, but I am not a mistake. I am working on everything I am suppose to be and then some. I am happy to share. Avoid making the same mistakes. Falling down and making mistakes are what helps us grow. Experience is wisdom and there ain't but one way to gain it.

I have faith one day, I will be well rewarded for my work - altruism and altruistic. Is that a mistake? Failure is not an option.

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