graveyard shift

Wake up, Awake, Coping with the loss of a love one, your time is coming...

So where is the YOU at in all of this? My thing is how do I make this fun, exciting, sexy and memories that live on in hearts forever? So I went to the grave yard.

Will you be before you change? Stress, pressure, you don't even have time for your own ass.

Change what? As I was walking through the cemetery, I noticed a special sense of peace, quiet and harmony. Above all that noise you all make "getting somewhere", loud ass music, construction, autos... that sense of peace and quiet rose above it all and so much so until it was scary.

I am no big fan of cemeteries. As a matter of fact, I think cemeteries of today are a gross disrespect to Mother Nature and waste of valuable land and resources, especially when I see those racist graves. But they lay as a vivid reminder of what's still going on today.

We litter the earth with our superstitious bullshit, if they were black, we would not recognize them. Cremation is the way to go!

Well, today I saw the cemetery as an opportunity to share a very valuable lesson. This lesson spoke volumes to me and here is what it said: All this shit the living see as so fucking important, necessary to get somewhere or knock somebody down, did not matter in the cemetery. All this legal and illegal bullshit didn’t amount to a “hill of beans” in that cemetery, but you can't tell our people that?

What are we doing to ourselves in this life? Why do we make this life so complicated? Why do we glorify war mongrels? There were buried Bankers, Businessmen, Criminals, Hatred, People of all races and expectations, yet they were residing together in peace and harmony. In the cemetery they were doing something they talked about, but refused to do while living.

Over my dead body! Even until the grave we’re trying to influence the Angels. What exactly does that grave marker mean? Where are the graves of Native Americans, Slaves and people even before them? Why do we act like we’re the first people with all this great self-righteous technology? Do you think they care about how many times you went to church? What about Democracy? How many slaves or other people have you killed to get to where you are today? Are you in the system, support the system or against the system?

Why do we feel the need to kill a fellow human being before their time? Think about that shit? Our system is setup to cheat, steal and destroy your “monkey ass” before your time. That is why all the chaos and confusion.

The crazy part about this all is, You Know It! But you just keep on being led and leading others to slaughter. Some fucking way, you convince yourself “they’re right and you are wrong”, even though you know once gain you have been tricked. We bullshit ourselves. This will get it right here: If they hate Barack Obama’s ass, what makes you think they even “like” yours? Respect is a two-way street.

Now, you are going to ask another “stupid ass question”: Who are they? Look in the mirror.

I say to you: all that shit you’re worried about and is killing your life, think about it as if you were dead. Do you have the courage and power to respond accordingly? Does all these wars, hate crimes, politics, careers, formal education, bad ass children really matter? Are you really making a difference? Are you really coping or faking again? What should we be doing?

Explain this to your children and family members. Can they see rebelling against their parents or each other is a gross waste of time and life? Why am I complaining about the speck in your eye when I am overlooking the PLANK in mine? Together we stand, divided we fall, is that true or not...

(((your inner

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