What good is living and not knowing your purpose?

The best way to answer that question is to ask yourself, if we are failing or succeeding as a nation.

Now, many of you will find ways to say we are and I give you that, but the unequivocal answer is, "Not only are we failing, we are miserably failing, caused insurmountable damage and in a serious state of denial", because we do not want to let down our Masters. That's what not knowing and failing to live your purpose causes.

With all the requirements of modern day society and culture, one can easily lose sight of their since or purpose. It's almost like our society is setup to cause YOU to fail, by being so self oriented and pitting one against the other. Then, we put before you, requirements you never can reach and are not practical to life itself. And that is the largest reason why our quality of life suffers.

Do you need twelve, fourteen, sixteen years of formal education, then why do we make it so? Do you need a job outside the one at home, then why do we make it so? Do we need money as the major median of exchange, then why do we make it so? Are you intended to work for someone else for profit, 30-40 years for their benefits? Now, do you understand how our society sets you up for failure? Why would you follow a failing society? Is this what it takes to find your true purpose?

Now that we have learned how to read and write, what good is? Are we we more safe and secure or less? How did previous societies survive without the shit we do? What's the difference between reading a book and being able to read the signs of the time? Which is more important? About which do you know the least? It's hard to admit we are failures and have set ourselves up that way.

What good is living and not knowing your purpose? Even worse, what good is living with no possibility of ever knowing your true purpose? Your Purpose in life is constantly changing, but remains within the walls of a common goal and a higher purpose than yourself.

Did you know the warmer you get, the easier it is to get cold? How is it that people in extreme cold climates can sleep on the ground without heat and you in a warm climate with a bed can't sleep without heat?

Today, I met one of he prettiest little girls, Sarah, I've ever seen, do you reckon she had a purpose? God has the ultimate plan and purpose. It was decided prior to your arrival and to reach it, you need to consult with your parents, your elders. But you say, "your parents don't know", then how can you? The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, have you read?

My Purpose: To keep myself straight by serving my fellow man and in doing so, I will learn and live my purpose driven life. Following my potential and my passion, I fulfill my divine purpose. Now, we're a number one world power with nothing to show for it, but young people striving to be something they can never be. What good is an airplane, are they good investments? Have you seen something that works against itself more than an airplane? Are they intended to fly or are you just greedy about taking a chance on your life to get somewhere faster. Then, the faster we get there the faster we want to get there. Where does it all stop?

Whatever happened to slowing down and spelling the roses?

I believe ones Spirituality is the basis for it all. It does not matter to which faith you belong or what position you hold, just that we have the feeling of belonging together and working for the good of mankind - serving your fellow man.

That is the best way for me to discover my true passion and reach my full potential or purpose in life. The perfect path awaits if I have the courage to believe in me.

Do you believe you are able to do this?

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