INto It?

Why must you get into it?

Do you realize how many times we tell ourselves what we got to do, got to have and the list goes on and on?

Question: When you get exactly what you want, what are you going to do? Would you, could you recognize it? Would you, could you build from it? Well, if you are not prepared to answer these questions for whatever you are asking will be just another opportunity missed, due to ignorance.

How ignorant are you? I ran into a 20 bushel of pears once. So many I did not know what to do. I asked my friends and they didn't know and wasn't interested. So I asked if you would help me peel these pears and make preserve. Preserve was all I could think of and knew. My friends was nowhere as interested in what to do with all those pears as me. They were even less interested in all the work. What an attitude. We peeled all the pears and threw away the rest. They were so happy it was all over with.

No long afterwards I ran into another friend who told me, I threw away the most important parts, plus I "could have" made jelly and syrup, instead of only pear preserver.

I learned from all of this to be better prepared and your friends, depending what type of friends by whom you are surrounded, will not be as interested in your success as you are. And because of this, you will lose more than you will ever gain by surrounding yourself with the wrong type of friends.

The difference is getting what you really wanted and being surrounded by people who can help you appreciate and enjoy, instead of complaining and not caring. The ones who know how to sell themselves are the onces who are making it happen.

(((your inner

A homeless man once said.


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