Like a ton of Bricks

Forget about going back to school, if you are not so inclined.

Like a ton of bricks hitting me, together we learn, whether you want to or not.

Look how long we have gone to school and how dumb we have gotten? Sad but true.

The real lessons are learned in life. Teach good things and good things will come to you, no matter where you are or what school you attend. If you know anything good, share it. Now is the time.

If priests are doing this kind of thing, what are the rest of us doing? Are you above, below or on the same plato as they are? Reckon they see it that way?

The question I would like to ask a Priest is, WHY WOULD YOU HOBBLE ANY PERSON?

2. What about confession?


(((your inner

Mind control extortion happiness all at once?

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