limiting thoughts

I is hard to come up with a good idea and when you do, it is even harder to do something about it.

There's doubt all about! I call it and them dream killers, around which, your ideas do not stand a chance. Spirit killers because they kill your spirit.

When that happens to me, I take a moment in quiet meditation and consider what truly matters most to me.

Knowing this, I put my God-given skills to work and do what I have got to do. No matter what I have got to accomplish, the spirit of God goes with me.

Something else good to do--write your ideas down! A good idea!

Ideas help to keep your spirit high! Don't let nobody kill your God-given ideas and spirit; and may God grant you your heart's desire, and fulfill all your plans.

your inner

See how they get their ideas across. People fulfilling dreams.

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