2011 more peaceful and prosperous

President Obama will be sending thank-you notes.

All I can do to make this New Year more peaceful and prosperous, I am going to do.

If you do not love and respect your President, Barack Hussein Obama, then who will? President Obama will be sending thank-you notes to supporters, and he'd like to send one to you.

You know our leaders make so many arguments about hating our President, it is scary. They talk about how much of a traitor he is, but never any proof? Just think how much division our leaders cause among our People? Is it because of the President or is it because of the man? Then, why did you vote for “the man”?

Is it the People working for the President or the President working for the People? Why do so many leaders argue and the People stand idly by? Is it that the People are now confused and not knowing what to do or which party is best? Is that the goal of our leaders? How much clearer can the information be when it comes directly from the mouth of the President? I think of my relationships: first you love me and because of what our leaders say, then you hate me? So you distance yourself from me. What kind of people are we? What can be more hypocritical, especially when the President is working for the People?

In recent times and during the worst of times, what other man could have been more effective, as our President at “pulling this country together”? What other “man” could have done it peacefully? I mean in all regards, especially race? If for nothing else, look at the progress we have made with that step alone? That was a giant step for the world. Or is the moon more important? What other man could have been more qualified than the President we now have, Barack Hussein Obama?

Certainly, I do not agree with everything our President does, but of all the Presidents we have ever had, is not President Obama the very best? Is he and his family not the best representation of what America truly is and strives to be? Is he ashamed or happy with his heritage? I mean if there was a better candidate for President, instead of bickering and complaining, why not just vote for him or her? Why attempt to destroy everything for which we have worked by twisting and breaking the arms of the People?

When does the campaign for President ever end? If it does not, how do we ever work with our newly elected President? The gap between Presidential campaigns is steadily narrowing and before we elect and work with one, we are electing another. What does this poll say? What does this all mean?

Do you know how many American Presidents I have served that never had my best interest at heart personally nor professionally? But this one is different and I want it to be different and I want to help it be different. Just like with your wife, son or daughter; after the fact, would you turn against them or would you do everything in your power to help them?

President Obama is the best President of the USA, because we elected the best. We wanted and desperately needed a President that was different and he stepped to the plate. Further, we knew he was the only man that could do the job. I thank God I have lived to see this day and all I can do to make this New Year more peaceful and prosperous, I am going to do. The first change is a change of heart.

Today I am ready to stand tall in this present moment. I appreciate the now, perfectly balanced between the blessings of the past and the promise of the future. This is the moment of power and action. I am ready! Everything is made suitable for its time.

President Obama will be sending thank-you notes to supporters, and he'd like to send one to you.

If you haven't already, sign up here to get yours:

Presidential Thank you card

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