MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney ---

    I Need it!

  • Job, Car, House...

  • Furniture, Food, Education...

  • Family, entertainment, vacation and more stuff for the kids, college, help to get them off to a great start in life and when things get a bit tight...

    Thank God, I know exactly what I need because all these needs and wants are "endless" and can result in debt, debt and more debt.

    Break the "endless cycle" of debt and financial slavery! Learn and teach! The one thing I need here on earth is MoMoney, MoMoney, MoMoney.

    Now, where to get it?

    Work, yes but there ain't too many jobs that will afford me this lifestyle, no matter how much I want it nor how hard I work. Heck, most supervisors and managers don't have it. Further, what do I need before I can work a good job?

    There was a time when a job was something promising to look forward to and if you listen to a few old schoolers, jobs still are. I submit that today, good jobs are slowly disappearing. Why, -- See technological advancements, outsourcing, immigrant situations... New employees and bosses are coming to town. What makes you think the job situation is going to get any better? We are already fighting over oil... "We The People" are confused as hell", aren't we?

    Single folk, it stands to reason, are more financially challengeed than married. It seems most products and services are marketed towards married folks.


    Have you noticed our elections process lately. Is it me and my efforts or them?

    Stock market, money market, IRA...give me your money and I will earn you a nice little nest egg. That plus retirement, social security and medicare will see you through. For the more bodacious, throw in a little disability.

    Many banks, credit cards, debt consolidation, loans can tell us how to get money, but how many help or have mercy when you miss a few payments, no matter your financial crisis. I know there are more humane ways to deal with bad debt but not sure how many practice them.

    There is so much help out there; I mean good honest, educated, spiritual, financially successful Christian brothers and sisters just waiting to put you and I on the road to financial freedom. No credit, Bad credit, Bankruptcy...we can find a bank that will finance you. Only if you can get pass the ones "who don't care for nothing but themselves".

    If there is a person willing, ready and able to help any person who wants to help themselves, isn't that a blessing? Okay, maybe you could help them. They seem to be motivated. Would you help? Would you pass the word?

    This may sound too good to be true and is until "I Take appropriate financial Action". Job or money?

    Wonder what would be their intent?

    Why would they want to help anybody else earn money?

    How can they help when they are broke, busted and disgusted?

    We give up?

    Is that an indicator why we are "financially upside-down"? I receive my blessing when I help someone else.

    Do you live in the land of milk and honey? Have you seen any lately? How come everybody else can and I can not? It is between sales calls and debt collection...I know, Don't hate the players,,,Hate the game.

  • Hard to find the best person with whom to connect or work?

  • Wonder why others prosper and you don’t?

  • You can not borrow your way out of debt? Feed The Well, unless you are a third world country.

The bottom line is: I need Momoney Momoney Momoney.

Making more money is up to the individual and most often we look to our jobs and other business opportunities to meet our financial obligations. Most are a hoax, only causing more frustration, scepticism and reluctance to deal with each other.

Most businesses fail, something like a 99% percent failure rate isn't it. Well, that does not surprise me because business is like learning to ride a bike, you don't give up. How can you gain experience without going through trial and error?

I have learned instead of counting all my needs; see them in dollars and cents--The Big Picture. Then, I will see the need for mo money, a common goal. The new auto, continuing education, failures, major purchases and repairs?

Plan, plan, plan and sacrifice for the big bulks. Like shooting for the moon and landing upon the stars, realistically speaking.

Don’t further complicate matters with desperate decisions that will not earn the amount of money needed. See long term. Be flexible, diversity and most of all, invest in yourself.

If you need more money and need it now, why not get in a business about "making money" and only that? I know, too easy. I have been burned before. Get rich quick... It may not come when you want it but, I think any "successful business person" will tell you, "when it will be well worth the effort".

That is my attitude and point, get in a business about "making money". That is what my momoney momoney momoney presentation is all about. This is also another of my confessions: Do I need mo junk or momoney to buy the mojunk I need? I constantly remind myself.

I am very talented, well that is what I would like to believe but am I talented enough to get the money needed "and" help others get theirs? Am I strong, smart and committed enough to a worthy cause? One greater than myself.

Enter God's presence by thanking him for answering prayers. I am not an overly religious guy but, I am a dedicated spiritual believer. I believe in a power greater than me. What answers to prayer are you thankful for today? The only question is: Are you ready? This is a blessing!

Take action!

Receive my MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney Presentation.

Work from home, office or where ever.

Make your knowledge and experience work for you.

The MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney presentation is about an hour long and will help you get started. The MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney presentation is like a diet, some of us need help getting started and instead of weight loss, your pockets get "fat".

Warranty: As long as you are working, I will be working and I am already started, dead set and determined, Until the end.

Good opportunities are all around us but we often choose the wrong one, don't know how to get started, have a credible source with whom to work and fear. I wish I had started this when I was 16 years old, so time is a factor.

The focus of the MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney presentation is on one thing...Making more money. The rest is up to you.

Nothing is for FREE and no other purchases are required. Just listen and take action. If it is meant for you, the rest is gravy. Only "you" know. If you are curious, then call the next guy or wait until you are ready, willing and able then, phone me.

Peanuts for all the work and effort I have put into this, so you know the price...

Just that easy and simple,,,keep it that way.

Get a good man on your team. Phone for appointment: Art Thomas, 478-452-2597

Who is Art Thomas.

Art is a person of color, a Christian and has very little patience for negative thinking, probably just like yourself. Fishing is a lot more rewarding. Art is making his move, he is taking major action to create and build a solid financial future.

Art knows the simple process behind making money and is on it. He will tell you just as he sees it. He listens but as said earlier, has very little patience for negative thinking.

I do not revel in this paragraph but just so you know, Art has been there and done that-- manual labor, the executive and business owner. Art is a college graduate, retired military enlisted and officer, Trainer, Business Coach, Worked in The White House, International Traveler, Restaurateur, Alpha Phi Alpha, Webmaster, Bail Bondsman, Gardener, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur and Yard Man... "A wealth of experience, I have lost many and won a few--Grace and Mercy." Most important, He has allowed me another breath to do even more and I like to start early, 6 or 7 a.m..

Most of all, Art loves people and demonstrates his love for God by serving his fellow man. He knows he is not perfect but he is responsible. It takes us all working "smart together". We have a responsibility to help those who fall short. What is the talented tenth? Is that the kind of world you want to live in? Check my website.

For the MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney Presentation phone me. Leave a message: "MoMoney, MoMoney, MoMoney" and your phone number. Not to be silly, but that only lets me know you are ready. I say it until it sticks in my mind and will do what it takes to put it in my pocket.

Looking forward to meeting you.

I want to live the dream and if you do, please do not hesitate to give me a call. I am willing, are you?

Art Thomas

Email MoMoney MoMoney MoMoney


A Penny starts it all

"Learning to count money, a penny is where it all starts." --Art Thomas :-)

While making more money is important, it is crucial to remember losing less money is just as important.

A penny is a lot of money if you don't have one.

All lovely things will have an ending, All lovely things will fade and die; And youth, that's now so bravely spending, Will beg a penny by and by. --Conrad Aiken

A penny saved is a penny earned. --Benjamin Franklin

A penny saved is not a penny earned if at the end of the day you still owe a quarter. --Mary Landrieu

Can you imagine the value of a coin smaller than a penny, What is a farthing?

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