America is my country


and if you don’t like it, you can leave! Whoa Bud,,What's wrong with you?

"This is my country and if you don't like it, then you can just leave." I hear you saying this and I think about how stupid, ignorant, arrogant and ungrateful you really are. You're menacing thug, an utter failure, not a loving human being.

I hear many Americans saying this in a last ditch effort to end any conversations about inhumane treatment and Human Rights Violations occurring in America.

The implications are we like it like this, refuse to change and if you do not like it, you can leave.

Since, the intrusion of European immigrants to this country, all they’ve done is pat themselves on the back about all their inhuman treatment and violations of human rights. Of which, has led to the demise of America today. They have no respect for land and people, which is evident by the mismanagement of land, people and resources today.

Self-righteous, they’re in a serious state of denial about all the human atrocities they committed and do not mind a repeat. They refuse to acknowledge “all” the help they deceived innocent people into doing to profit only themselves. America is “ate up”, inundated with human rights problems. And no matter the laws we implement to act like we’re not, we are. That’s why I say, In America, it is what it ain’t.

I have got twenty-three long years dedicated, solely to the purposes of learning to defend and defending America and unfortunately, it included defending “sorry asses like you”. Now, [who] gives a "rat's ass"?

What they fail to acknowledge? You fail to understand the revulsion, self-condemnation and danger you are going through.

This is not just your land or country, created to cater just to your needs. It never has been and never will be, and if it was, you have an ungrateful way of proving it. Everything you have touched “turned to shit”, you’ve polluted the air, land and water. For all the hatred you’ve instilled in this land and people, is this what you feel makes you King? You’ve got the songs, the pledges and politics, but you ain’t got half the sense of even one Native America. And in all your sophisticated hypocrisy, you boast and call yourselves “Technologically Advanced”. Does that mean a machine is smarter than you?

What you fail to acknowledge? The people you hate the most, are the people who help you, so you can stand up and take all the credit. Do you realize how many non-Americans, black, African ass, nigger slaves who sacrificed their lives to save your “monkey ass”? These were people who were much more dedicated to the American dream, than you will ever be. They did for you when and what you couldn’t do for yourself. They did for you, what you were too lazy to do for yourselves. Where is their thank you, while you boast about America being your country?

Why do you hate the Chinese? All they ever did was try work with and help your stupid ass? You invited them in. Why do you hate the Russians? I've met plenty of Russians and every last one of them was better than the white trash I see in you. Same with Mexicans, Latinos, Africans and Native Americans. Here it from a slave to this land, people and country. Who died and made you king?

Me leave? Undeniable, this is “our” country, created to cater to the needs of all its citizens. Especially to the needs of those who have invested back-breaking slave labor to make it what it is today. And we all deserve a chance to have our voices heard. I've got more invested in this country, land and people, America, than you'll ever have and have not polluted one thing, not even my own ass. Respect goes a long ways. I am just waiting for your sick ass to die off to never return again. This is a sincere effort, raw determination to put the past behind us and to seek some sort of redemption. But you cannot be forgiven for something you fail to admit?

In all things get “understanding” and the last thing you will say, is “this is [my] country, if you don’t like it, leave”.

(((your inner

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