sex acts for better or worse


Before you "condom" or condemn the whole "damned thing", have you had a good think about it all? Which sex do you prefer?

You say, marriage is a coming together for better or for worse, what happened? Conservative values led us to this point.

    Which sex is better and which is worse?

  1. Sex before marriage? Test drives

  2. Unprotected sex? Risky business.

  3. Safe sex? Even riskier business, is there a such thing?

  4. Sex with minors? Religious and authoritative figures

  5. Same sex sex? Homos

  6. Racist sex? The superior and inferior mentality.

  7. Incest? Family matters most

  8. Sex with animals? Animal lovers

  9. No sex? Abuse yourself, old folk, What would the world be with too many of these self-righteous people?

    How do you know and who can you tell? How many more ways can we experiment trying to find satisfaction but spend most of our lives just talking about the problems? Are you watching the whole thing unfold, while doing and saying nothing? Do you even have a clue?

Native Americans never had all these sexual problems. Is it something your're doing wrong? If you were on the right track, you would be doing better yourself. Now what you've created is all laid out, you make the best decision?

You tell everything else. Conservative values spoiled the world. Instead of fighting, cheating and lying, go somewhere and get yourself some good sex and tell people about it. If they like it, what's the problem? That's how you solve the whole sex mistery, scandal thing.

Otherwise, you'll still be sneaking and peeping!

(((your inner

How Evil Are YOU

Is it hard or what?

What's worse than a sex scandal?

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