My calling?

I spent most of my life as a man, when on the inside I'm a woman?

I spent most of my life as a woman, when on the inside I'm a man? Does sex really matter? Life after death?

I'm a rocket scientist, a celebrity, royalty, politician, preacher, unemployed...Excuses? What kind of life have I gotten myself into? Does your title, sex or gender make you any less or more a human being?

I spent most of my life wondering?

"But really, what is my calling?" Wonderer.

Human being, first and foremost. We're all trying to survive. It is what it is, the only thing missing is my passion.

When a man findest a "good woman", it is a good thing. But when a man findest in himself a good woman? But when a woman findest in herself a good man, What good is life? We are all dead. We can not be fruitful and multiply. Do you understand multiplication, the priciple, the FACT?

Passion! Overcoming fears and fulfilling passions?

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