nature and culture


I am thinking do we know where they start, are they really that important, how?

Nature and culture is all that we are for a life time. The slower we are to get things on track, the longer pain and suffering.

The illusion is we ain't when the reality is "we are". I can prove that, as today is evidence. Food, jobs, resources are all in critically short supply whether you feel it at your dinner table or not.

Many of us, no matter how hard it gets will continue to be in denial. As a matter of fact, that segment of society does not mind watching others suffer. How can it be any other way?

Nature and culture starts at our dinner tables and that is from where comes our nutrients and from there comes our humble beginnings to socialize. Is this really happening in our Supermarkets and fast foods

Little blurrps to say Join me here.

(((your inner

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