out of a job

Why do you create jobs that go away? Is it you do not want us to live proper?

New roads, construction. cars...yet shit just keeps getting worse! Do you understand when YOU ARE EATING YOURSELF OUT OF HOUSE AND HOME? Everything we do is just costing us more, so why keep doing the same old stupid dumb ass shit?

The more you do, the more it cost, where does that lead? Yet, you say, you are cutting costs.

Why would I hire you? Think about that for a moment? Why can’t you hire anybody? Why is it so hard to find good labor any more? Are we known for piss poor quality in workmanship? Why all the advertising and marketing. hype instead of working together? Would would one trade rather compete against the other than to help each other? How can we ever learn better ways?

On whose hands is the blood? Can I pay you to do something I wouldn't do? Do you say it just depends? I will help you, but I will not do it for you? Will they do it for you? What do they tell you when you come up short? What do you tell them when they come up short, looking to hire - HIRING? Why do they just keep coming up short?

Standing for human rights cut people out of jobs. Is a job a right or just a means to dollars?

What good is creating a job that does not need creating? If you stood up for human rights, would that cut you out of a job? Why would you find a cure, solve a problem, teach truth?

Why do we create and fight wars, do they keep people gainfully employed? That is why I say, if you really knew what was going on, you couldn't be quite.

For what are we working? Why do we boast of being a number one world power? Why do we boast of being a superior economy? Is formal education the problem or the solution? What does formal education replace, is it common sense?

Does common sense tell you that you need a job in order to survive or does your leaders tell you that? Why would your leaders make something so simple as a job, so complicated?

Does working your job replace “doing your job”? Where does job creation, jobs that last, start? When does the house not need cleaning, repairing? When is a house no longer a home? What happens when you stay out more than in? Homeless verus Vacant houses

Why do we have children, is to educate them to go off into winds and do good things for who? Why is home less important than ever before and away from home is becoming more important? Is that how important we are?

Is that why we can’t keep our noses out of other folk business? Is that why we start and fight wars? On whose hands is the blood?

Standing for human rights, doing our jobs, cut people out of a paycheck for doing the dirty work of others. Why else would they pay you, if it wasn’t something they did not want to do?

Have our practices of hiring helped or hurt? Are our jobs striving or diminishing? Why not?

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I am going to divorce your dumb ass

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