promote face-to-face contact

Is that me looking at all of yall or all of yall looking at me. like we normally do?

In your home or office establish face to face contact.

We know about eye contact but often overlook face-to-face contact, as we're organizing our homes and organizations. Time for a change.

What does face to face contact do for you? It's a unique part of culture. Head of the table mentality: Whose smarter than who or are we even smarter if we put our heads together? Does it say anything about sitting in a circle, though not a bad idea?

Keep the atmosphere casual and make communication easy. Or is it sit by the door getting ready to run out?

Sit by the roaring fires in the winter or take a run along Path in summer.

Wildlife is abundant in the woods surrounding us, so make sure to keep your eyes open.

Face to face contact, It’s the essence of privilege and casual luxury. Classy and sexy creates a stimulating atmosphere. Comfortable, yet a bit provocative, this idea is world renowned and respected.

Were you ever invited to something like that? Could you handle it? Are you practicing. Get understanding.

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You say, you might haven't done it, but you always knew it should be done, but you just didn't have the courage or just didn't know. Now you know.

Bland, this getting boring, New Change

For peaceful social economic change

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