Relationships gone bad

Good relationships gone bad! Guilty feelings, Never look a guilt horse in the mouth What do you do? How do you recover? Find that "special someone" and improve that relationship.

When we find that special someone, how do we keep the flame going? How do we improve upon relationships with others without losing ourselves? Does nothing satisfy you? We want to improve, but how?

There is nothing any worse than a boring relationship. You cannot figure out what to do to make your relationships more meaningful. Often we seek outside experiences to boost the quality of our relationships – vacations, going out, extramarital affairs or some other superficial means to make our relationships with each other better. What did we ever do before marital counseling?

We all, at one time or another have met that special person, but what happened to cause the relationship to go bad?

The blame game and we blame the other person because of what they did. The relationship over time evaporates to nothing. I have had plenty of good relationships gone bad and by now, I have learned. People blame me. They say they cannot understand me. I am too critical. I want it all. I smoke. I drink. I have too many women. I curse too much. I don’t go to church, too clingy, needy, greedy.....

The biggest lesson I have learned is never blame anyone, including yourself. Do not take anything for granted. In this case, more is less.

Whatever happened to the freedom to be yourself? Before seeking someone or something outside myself, I first look within to my own Spirit! In the worse of times, everything goes, but in the best of time, when all is good, we become too picky! What did we do when we were burning wood, running moonshine? Remember when we went to church once a month, if we could make that. Now we go three times a week and can hardly stand one another? Sex education and now what? He had all those women when you met him, why did you move so quickly? With all our improvements and infinite wisdom have things gotten better or worse? Anymore, nothing satisfies us. Guilty feelings! Never look a gift horse in the mouth?

Today, we are less content than ever before and hell bent on improving someone’s else’s relationship when our own has gone to hell.

Keep your spirit up and everything else will fall in place. NOTE: I did not say it was going to perfect or without trial and tribulations, but it will fall into place and everything is going to be alright. Keep yourself straight and remain true that. Find that "special someone" and improve that relationship. Everyday, meet each other for the first time. Be grateful when you receive a gift.

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