Sallie Davis House Back Porch 2011

Art at Sallie Davis House

What a difference a concerted effort and money makes!

From this in 2009, where the back porch had fallen off due to neglect and the back was boarded up:

To this in 2011. What an amazing transformation! The foundation has been restored, plumbing, electric and a very nice back porch has been added and restoration has begun on the inside. The house is being restored as it was back in the 1800's and it is an amazing feat to watch all the meticulous details being adhered to.

We are now preparing to build two chimneys and they should look as if they were built in the 1800's

Cutting hole in roof for chimney!

As of today, 15 Aug 2011, the Davis house has two brand new "coca-cola bottle" shaped chimneys.

Most recently in this backyard was The Peacemaking Brothers

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The front of the Sallie Davis house

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