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Art at MPB concert Milledgeville

The Make Peace Brothers and your inner

Them boys are super bad! I know they have a bright and vivid future. Super talented is not enough. Now, just look around!

The Makepeace Brothers a hit in Milledgeville, GA, 13 August 2011.

I have played and heard plenty of music, but none in my town has ever moved me this way?

Freedom Opportunity, as I was working in my yard, I could hear some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard being play in my yard or town for that matter. It was a cross between Paul Simon and any beautiful Reggae music and I love Reggae, Roots rock Reggae! It played so long, I could not believe my ears. So just as I was, in the spur of the moment, dirty, sweaty and all, I took off walking towards the music.

It was a life changing Multicultural experience, serving recreational needs, while promoting worthwhile and beneficial activities needed to reach the largest number of people, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially; so the optimum benefits of enjoyment, health, social contact, and sportsmanship will be gained by all participants. It was an opportunity for the development of positive attitudes toward and throughout life. The Makepeace Brothers (MPB) are all that plus!

The sounds took me through the campus of Georgia College and State University, where I discovered a band called The Makepeace Brothers Band. Goes to show some people are paying attention and taking action while the rest of us?

As much as I talk and write about this subject, who would have ever thought of such a name. A lot more people are looking at life from a higher perspective. They are so young, vibrant and beautiful and we are so obese, know it all and hypocritical.

Mostly, I am hearing some old shit about Dixie and how the south will rise again. Oh I wish I were in Dixieland, to live and die in dixieland, look away, look away dixieland, beer drinking, violence and more drunk speak... wish I was in the land of cotton Old times there are not forgotten Look away, look away, look away, Dixie land. In Dixie land where I was born Hooray! Hooray! ... more beer drinking, violence and "drunk speak"... This might come across a bit humorous here, but do not be fooled, the mentality is very prevalent in the upper crust of America. They may not sing the same songs or be as open with them, but if you really want to know what's going on, take a look in the farm bureau, especially the lending black farmers’ money part of things. How do you go from speaking "drunk speak" all your life to saying something more "intellectual"? What about the civil war and antebellum trail, do we relish war? How does Georgia College cope with all of this?

Get a hold on this, three quarters of the way over there, they started playing a song which included the words, “I thank you” and I had it in my head that is exactly why I am going over there - to thank them. That is exactly why I am following this sound. That is exactly how, The Peacemaking Brothers made your inner

A literal band of brothers, THE MAKEPEACE BROTHERS song about growing up together and the beauty of being able to be blunt. The MPB also played @ Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto (the First band ever to do that!!)

You guys have the sweetest harmonies. I'm so grateful for you sharing your talents, without, I do not know what we are going to do? You now encourage me even more. I thank you.

To get this experience (((Make Peace Brothers)))!

(((your inner

Little did the Make Peace Brothers know all of what they did occurred in the backyard of the Sallie E. Davis House.

Tori Lee and Mayview Road Band!

Peace and prosperity

Peace makers?

Make 2011 more peaceful and prosperous.

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