Sallie Davis House front in 1993 and 2011

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History in the making at the Sallie Davis House in Milledgeville.

As I follow this spectacular project, I am in awe of all the architectural planning, the painstaking work, effort and attention to detail workers display in reusing original materials as much as possible, ensuring this hitorical home is restored as it was known in its original state in the 1800's.

Their plans involve far more than a building's looks. They must ensure the building is safe, strong and suit the needs of the people who use them. The architectural plans helps decide if a project would work at all or if it would harm the environment.

Very seldom in American do we go to such lengths to preserve historical landmarks, especially in the South and when it comes to this type of neighborhood. So I am very honored and pleased to be this close.

Each human being is on a journey. It is now, we see that radiant being for the first time, full of promise and potential. We encourage them as they reach each new developmental milestone.

I present to you an update on this courageous restoration effort.

The front of the Sallie Davis house.

From this in 1993:

To this in August 2011:

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Inside the Sallie Davis House Aug 2011

The Back of the Sallie Davis house

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