Signal Utility

Sonar Technology and The Latest Techniques!

The latest technology "without the latest techniques" can mean loss of valuable time and resources, even catastrophe. Safety First!

Signal Utility distinguishes itself by using The Latest Techniques to locate, trace and mark utilities, without tracer wires or maps. Most importantly, using these techniques significantly reduces safety factors on construction sites.

Locating utilities is the first and the single most important task performed prior to constructing any project. You want to make sure your locate is thorough, professional and as accurate as possible.

It is one thing to be capable of using the latest technology to locate utilities.

It is another to use the same technology to locate utilities marked with tracer wires.

It is a whole new level to be capable of locating utilities, "without tracer wires or maps". Signal Utility is the only company with these techniques.

Older utilities were often buried without tracer wires or maps and will not be discovered until you dig into them. Signal Utility can help you avoid costly accidents, repairs and delays.

Reduce safety hazards!

Save valuable time and money!

Locate utilities "the other guys" do not know exist!

Call "The only company with the latest techniques" Before You Dig!

Signal Utility
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Dig Safely!

Minority accomplishments, Signal Utility joins the ranks.

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