The silent majority


What good are you? Today, 2011, Crisis, Crises how does that effect you?

Society and culture is undergoing one of the deepest and most significant crises of our lives. The crisis is far greater than the ordinary; its depth is unfathomable, its end not yet in sight, and it is Global.

What more do you need to inspire you to positive action? Not a single compartment of our culture is free from these unmistakable symptoms.

Shall we keep wondering what's going to happen?

What about those who understand clearly what's happening?

Now here, there, everywhere Crises. Crises political, agricultural, commercial, and industrial! Crises of production and distribution. Crises moral, juridical, religious, scientific, and artistic. Crises of property, of State, family, industrial enterprise…

Each of the crises has battered our nerves and minds, each has shaken the very foundations of our culture and society, and each has left behind a legion of derelicts and victims. And alas!

Sign our HFR Petition before it is too late.

(((your inner CRISIS, what does that mean to you?

September PUSH!

Presidential Death Threats -Normal or Unprecedented?

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