My Vulnerable Areas

I have an idea about my strengths and weakness, but what about those areas of my body and life that are constantly vunerable, no matter what I do?

I can strengthen my weaknesses, but there are some areas of my body, no matter what I do, they remain prone to injury - my head, heart and spirit. These are my most vulnerable areas.

My vulnerable areas are areas of my body most prone to attack.

As I go through life, being careless and doing all kind of crazy things, do I realize how easy it is to receive a serious or fatal injury in either of these areas?

So how do I proceed in my daily chores and guard against serious or fatal injury in my vulnerable areas?

I must be careful and faithful in all I do. On a regular basis, I must conduct preventive maintenance in these areas.

Be careful of temptation by knowing the seven deadly sins? Be faithful in all you do, while this is the first steps to healing.

(((your inner

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