War in America

Power struggles, would you go to work?

For what are you working?

If there was a war in America, would you go to work? Or are you one of those people who think war cannot come to America?

Come on now, be honest with yourself? Would you make a last ditch effort to make it to your 9-5? Would you try to make another eight as long as you could? Would you feel guilty for not showing up? Would it be your job's responsibilty to protect you and your family?

How long would it be before you started to protect yourself and your family? What would you do? Would you stand around waiting for further instructions? Would you run downtown to pay your last bills to keep your utilities on? Would you go to church because they know what to do? Would you turn on your t.v, radio, cell phone to see what is happening? Would youdo all of the above? Would you believe what you were hearing?

How easy is it to invade and conquer a dumb people? What is “your” plan? Do “we” even have any emergency plans? Do you know what they are? Would you take your possessions, run to where the action was and help your fellow citizens or would you run the other way? Would you close your eyes, start screaming and hope it was over with soon? Do you even care enough to know what is really going on?

Why do you live that way? Would you expect someone to come to your rescue? Do people care about the country or just themselves? Can you care about your country without caring about yourself, can you care about yourself without caring about your country? Which is the travesty?

Power struggles, the threat of war is a constant and ever more present the higher things get, but we live like war is furtherest away from reality. I can tell you a thing or two. Why do you think things are so high? What happens when you cannot or refuse to pay? Do you think your politicians are going to save you? For whom do they work? What about the armed forces and civil security. Do they care more about you or their employer? For them, you are just another day at work.

Is that how we raise our children? If somebody did not feel threatened there would be no need for them in the first place? Churches are already fighting a losing battle, well accept Church's Fried Chicken?

So how do you come to these conclusions? First of all, you put people in a mindset that they are paying for their own protection? Sought of like an insurance policy, then they do nothing to prepare themselves – no organization and they feel they do not need each other. Then pit them against each other. Why do you think all the money is up at the top? How did it get to be that way? Why?

Here in America, there is a constant war over money and power. This war is getting bigger by the day or are you going to continue paying these high ass prices to keep it down? More bad news if you feel that way, because the more you pay, the higher they get. Do you hear me now?

"American Workers Vs Multi-Billionaires", there is a song about that somewhere.

So you will you keep working until we start to beat each other over the head or will you slowly organize and start turning this ship around before it is too late. You say, it is never too late? Prevention, the choice is yours.

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Emerging to the emergency!



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