Whooty – White Girl With Booty

Inferior and superior, booty, breast and whooty. Ben Roethlisberger

While I think on this, today another young black boy, a running back at Georgia Military College was arrested for (((Benjamin Todd "Ben" Roethlisberger nicknamed Big Ben))); sexually assaulting a young college girl. They intentionally left out her race. Why?

“Behind a successful person lies a pack of haters.”

I wonder if this case will receive the same attention as Ben Roethlisberger? Is there some kind of trend developing here?

In my neck of the woods, Georgial College and State University has always had the reputation of being one of our lily white schools for girls. Since co-eding the school has been and still is in the "very protective mode". Special efforts have always been in place to keep the students safe by seperating them from the community.

That meant little black and brown boys or community boys, who might have made suitable partners for little college girls, did not stand a chance. In other words, most college students frequent white establishments. Very few ever venture off into black establishments, which are just as supportive and potentially dangerous. Let us face it, guys are looking for girls and girls are looking for guys, the problem comes in when the adminstration is catering only to "affluent parents".

This type of behavior further encourages and widens the divide line between inferior and superior. Instead of further dividing, why not implement procedures to encourage all students to be better students?

Back to the booty thing. Who really cares who has booty other than perverts? I do not care how much ass you have, you are not going to get one of those nice assless college girls, not hardly.

Today things are changing and too bad these changes have come along in such a violent manner. Students are more inclined to associate and date whoever, without regard to parental and adminstrative influence.

Booty and perverts. Have you heard the old saying, Girls with firm, full, high asses are more fertile than girls with "flat asses"? Add in breast and the combination is lethal to men.

Men are irresistable to them and that is why and how so many men end up sleeping with their daughters and/or other under aged girls?

This is true, not only for today, but was also true for yesterday. Incest, pedophile and statutory rape is nothing new, we just do not care to admit it.

So be careful around men with young developing children - booty, breast and whooty is the beauty of all things to him. What about that "funny uncle or grandfather"?

You are only as good as the company you keep.

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