A Change-- subtle and incremental

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Can we, subtly and incrementally, go back to doing business as usually? I understand subtle and incremental change, but why does this change have to be so long and drawn out? Do you really want or see a need for change? Do you need to know me to understand and assume your role and responsibility in life?

A people plagued by choices, a fear of the unknown. A people of very little faith. A faint hearted people.

Why change when everything is going great? I am profiting to hell with the rest. We have the best of the best? We are a number one! And everybody is following us. Can you prosper while watching me struggle like hell to survive? Can I love you as you ignore me? A few are busy padding their pockets while the majority suffers!

Whether we welcome it or not, life and all within it, is constantly changing faster than we care to keep up. Further, we can not keep up when we are headed in the wrong direction. So there are two subjects to deal with, first keeping pace with the life so we can survive and the next is to change so we can prosper.

Change is not a new song, but an old song during which time; we failed to heed the words.

Today, again "A change" has become a very popular phrase, but what does that really mean? Why? Did you see it coming? Were you prepared? What does that tell you?

Even those of us who knew a change was needed had just about given up hope. Our past has been plagued with double standards and that is what we have learned to accept. Priorities warped! Encouraging and pushing for them to be even more warped. We were and in many cases still are creating more problems than we are solving. Creating more chaos and confusion is where the powers to be were and still are striving. Now the powers to be are confused. What do we do? Like a train on the wrong track, our leaders know but the riders have no idea. Do we confess? Do we start over? Do we turn around?

The greatest opposition to this much needed change is, though it is prosperous, the change is not profitable in the eyes of the powers to be and this is how no action is justified to the people. You often hear MONEY? The cost! However, when you really think about it, we can not afford not to change. Like an over inflated balloon, we have reached the breaking point in ever facet of our lives. In the mind of the powers to be, the minority" we have made significant progress, but on the ground, the silent majority, it is a totally different story. The majority have been denied the opportunity to live their best life. We were just going along with the program because we could not find the courage and confidence to do other wise. Now that the train has stopped, we can clearly see we are a lost generation and can not reach our intended destination if we continue in the same manner and direction. That is an indicator for much needed change, within itself. Just look how long it took for us to come to and face this truth ?

Change to what? Where does it start? How can we get the minority and majority on the same sheet of music? Lay down your weapons or use for prosperity. Can this change happen over night?

More change is coming, Change is here and we are ready for it--People and environment. If our economy is not stable, how can our homes be stable? What is our focus and where are our priorities? See if this is somewhat of an indicator of what to come?

I am not just siding with the Obama campaign, though he is on it. Like some of you, I knew it before, but in my own efforts to survive, could not figure out what to do. So now, I feel in line with the President, so I am pushing for change. I would like to see it right now, so I take the courage to live it right now.

The change is from our evil wicked double standard ways of the past, to more wholesome ways of treating each other today. This change is prompted by time and behavior. Had we done things differently, then today’s result would be different.

Lifestyle choices, man's law versus God's law, stupidity and foolishness over helping one another!

Food, clothing, shelter and transportation, the basics of life have been provided, however; the distribution has been corrupted. We are confusing and choosing profit over prosperity and costs and prices have been inflated off the charts. What causes prices to rise? What drives labor cost? Why can not we be content with donating our services so everybody can use them? After all, was not that our original priority, our goal, our dream, our intent? That is how it all got started.

What is an Outlier, Malcolm Gladwell

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