The people you don't want?

What does adversity teach us? How do we create adversity? What are the benefits? If you don't respect them, how can you respect me or yourself?

In adversity there are three phases - before, during and after.

Before We're doing whatever it is we do, keeping busy in the non-essentials of life, inventing innumerable schemes to occupy our minds and creating doubt in our spiritual beliefs?

During IF you are fortunate enough to survive, you get to experience the after. It is during adversity we learn our most valuable lessons. Do you know how many lessons can be learned from one single minor incident? Why focus on ONE?

We just do not want to let go, we must think we have control. It is too scary to make a decision on a case by case basis? $30 for a $.50 overdraft? Whose in control?

A friend will show his or her true colors during times of adversity. Like the guy who called the cops on me?

Although adversity and affliction must come our way, it is no longer hidden. Our own eyes are open to see and our own ears are open to hear. Like a predator hidden in the tall grasses, as long as we cannot see it, it has the advantage. When we see it, we can better prepare and respond. We have learned from Adversity.

After Adversity? Reality doesn't come in a box. Diversity is our strength, an asset, one of our greatest sources for solutions to restore prosperity. It shows our powerful source for good, our true colors. We are free and we kept the faith.

(((your inner

what will a good friend do for their friends?

Keys to success.

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