Cell Phones and People

Hello, where are you?

It used be Hello, how are you? Identity crisis, how is that?

What is it about people having to have some kind of electronic device in their ears AT ALL TIMES, especially while performing important tasks? Every since the transistor radio, our society has been plaqued by these technological phenomenons.

Cell phones are excellent tools when used accordingly. They are great to be able to reach someone in case of emergencies or the safety and security of being just a phone call away. But that is not good enough!

Have we gone too far in our use of cell phones? The use of cell phones have become so popular, they are another bodily part and function. People and cell phones are attached at the hip. The body now comes in three parts, the body, the phone and the ear bud.

What does that say? They say, It's How You Listen that Counts! I understand you can do so many things with these new smart phones including, listen to news, music, updates, email, text, get directions, share photos, take pictures, vibrate and ring tone.

How does that look? Like hi-tech jewelry and can be quite eye catching. They also look crazy by the appearance of talking to themselves. It is interesting to watch people walk around appearing to be talking to any and everybody, when they are actually carrying on a phone conversation. That makes you look crazy. It is cool to give the impression of how important you are because somebody wants to talk with you all the time. And you have got the latest and greatest and to hell with the rest.

When do people put their phones on? In what places is it fashionable to go decked out with your phone? When you get up, Shopping, Paying bills, *Dating*, Dinning, **Ordering**, Driving, ***Church***, Recreation... ! Wonder if God has a cell phone?

Just when do people take their phones off? Do people take them off to do their intimate personal business, YOU KNOW? I am sure someone is trying to figure out how they can do that while on their cell phones? Disgusting!

What does that cause? Building walls, Everything is on the go, Adding another addiction, Booty calls, Hearing impaired, Serious distraction, Loss of attention, Rude behavior, Time x 2, Money, Resources and Identity crisis??? People are constantly talking to this device so much so till it makes you wonder who has the time and patience to listen on the other side. Is it really cause for identity crisis, psychosocial state or condition of disorientation and role confusion? That is the best way I know to describe it.

People actually take on a new identity when they sport their new cell phones and they give you the look like, "Don't think about it" no matter how stupid I look! No matter the sense of urgency of what you or they are doing, you will catch hell, if you say something about their phone. People actually think they become better listeners, drivers, cooks, shoppers, or guests, while on the phone. It takes their mind off the fact of what they are actually doing, phone or task at hand? Well, if you couldn't do them all that safe and secure off the phone, what makes you think you do them more safe and secure while on the phone?

The act of being on the phone gives people a false sense of security, in that they think they can do all these things without compromising the safety and sercurity of themselves and others. People really get upset when you suggest they cannot use their phones, so they put them on vibrate and keep on trucking.

Here is the saving grace: Cell phones are safer and more secure than "BOOM BOXES".

Looking ahead, we could not afford it yesterday, how can we afford it today?

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